Why Do You Post on Kiwi Farms? - DEEP THOTS


Why hast thou let me see this, Lucifer?
I forgot how I ended up on here.

I like to argue/debate over things but 4chan is pretty bad for the soul, so this seems like a decent alternative.

Even though I learnt a few things I probably wish I didn't about my fellow man, this is a good site for allowing more thoughtful discussion. There are some things I like to rant and sperg about that are better said where I'm more or less anonymous. (While I like talking about some of this kind of thing off the internet, I always like to do it face to face. Can't exactly do that with the coof going on.)
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I am new here but I’ve read for a while. I used to love posting in a couple of forums until they became besieged with woke assholes and it stopped being fun. I like that people here are blunt and you don’t have to walk on egg shells. It’s nearly impossible to find that now. I haven’t seen any place recently where people spoke their minds freely besides here. Even when I see posts that make me cringe or that I disagree with I am not offended at all and I am glad those posters are able to post their thoughts as well. I am sick of having to obsessively filter everything and be careful about what I say. There is none of that stress posting here. I’m not going to go away for 10 minutes to get a snack and come back to find out that some thing totally benign that I said blew up and everyone is calling me names and standing outside my door with pitchforks.


Some youtube hussy was warning people about kf because all soulless heathens on the internet reside here. I found the heathens here have more soul than Motown.
I heard terrible things about this place before I came here too. And considering the recent turn of events I actually started wondering if it was probably an awesome place because the people saying it was horrible were humorless chronically offended assholes , turns out my gut instinct was right. This is the same reason whenever anyone is branded a Nazi or a white supremacist I immediately go check whoever this is out. I would say nine times out of 10 the person is intelligent and makes lots of good points. It’s almost as if I’ve learned to be the SJW whisperer or something. I can now read what they’re saying and interpret it into a normal persons frame of reference.


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I guess I wanted to post here because I want to talk about lolcows, and talk in a place where it doesn't feel suffocating to be, *cough* Reddit *cough* And admittedly wanting to share my art on here as well.

And some individuals honestly believe that kiwifarm users are blankphobic nazis, which isn't even true at all.