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K. V. Bones

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Kiwifarms has become like a second autistic family to me, I've probably never been treated as kindly anywhere else.

Kiwis gave me the confidence to start a YouTube channel and helped out by giving criticism and giving me a chance to grow as an entertainer by being my audience. Well except a few toxic bad apples who see a link on the internet then sperg out.

It's been 95% positive and constructive and I've improved as an entertainer more in 1 month than I have in 9 years. I absolutely love making videos for my fellow kiwis, be it a game review or an informative investigation, I love to make content kiwis and more can enjoy.

I've been given such an opportunity to grow and become the entertainer I've always wanted to be, putting the audience first.

I stay because I'm welcome and I can't say that very often.

Dang Woodchucks!

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All the other fun websites on the internet either got shut down or became completely homosexual.

I just want to say zany things. It's not like I mean most of it.
Mostly this. I'm fucking sick of people being buttblasted and thinking that I care that they disagree and/or are "offended".

I don't give a shit. I can't express myself or vent because if I say something """problematic""", I'm a fucking whatever-the-fuck-cist.

At least here jackasses just put a bloody sticker and call it a day. I'm free of that stupid bullshit.


This is the only forum I post on, because everyone everywhere else takes shit on the internet so seriously. Everyone needs a friend to call you an idiot if you're behaving like an idiot, kiwifarms is that friend. A higher portion of users here compared to other places won't sugarcoat it, but aren't going out their way to be complete assholes about it either.

A sensitive person would see all the posts here and deem everyone a bully, most of the time it's just people shootin' the shit and calling it as it is.


this website fucking sucks
What a fitting name for a filthy doubleposter

I first heard about Kiwi Farms on the Gender Critical subreddit on Reddit that I would read because of troons infesting everything. That subreddit was recently banned for "hate speech". Quelle surprise!

I love forums, especially ones where everything doesn't have to always be politically correct. I frequented a pop music forum since the mid-2000s, but it was no longer fun after it became infested with leftism/Marxism/postmodernism these past few years.
Dammit, a plebbitor made it past the travel bans!!!


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This forum is among one of the only things fun and entertaining on the internet nowadays.

For me it's like pepolewatching, except it actually helped me not go over the edge and get my shit together years ago when i found this forum.


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Because no matter what stupid, asinine shit you want to talk about there's going to be at least four or five users willing to talk about that particular subject and it's rare if ever that an autistic little thread about key switches or cooking gets shitted up by edgelords looking for attention. Kiwi Farms is a magical place that's strangely immune to the usual diseases of the internet. I know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

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It's one of the few remaining places online where you can casually shoot the shit about almost anything, people get held accountable for their own stupidity, and people value facts over feelings.

It's like my second autistic home. 4chan back in the day was the best site to unwind and just putz around. This place is much of the same. An internet bar all our own.


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Cause reddit now bans me from trying to bring humor, mirth, and laughter to a bleak and uncaring world.

Also reddit sucks.
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Found this place from 4chan /vg/, I like that there's a place online that doesn't bow to troons trying to indoctrinate autistic people on social media into joining them. I am legitimately concerned that unsuspecting people on the spectrum are being roped into a cult with a 41% suicide rate, thinking it's the answer to all their problems when it's not. Consider me overly optimistic, but I believe laughter is the best medicine and what a lot of people need is a good old fashioned calling out when their friends won't dare question the pro trans narrative.