Why Do You Post on Kiwi Farms? - DEEP THOTS


Because You can pretty much discuss ANYTHING And be far more open about The Darkest and most Unsavory parts of humankind, Similar to 4Chan and ED, but with a far funnier, Significantly less Unpleasant and (Mostly) more Intelligent Community of people that take no shit and have an open mind to not get offended or defensive about all the taboos and can jokes so much of the world and the Internet would never dare to make.

It’s also incredibly well-researched And densely written with Its Subjects and always tons of content to read when opening the farms with posts that are as detailed, well sourced and professional as any Published article for major News outlet, (I.e Washington Post, Wall Street Journal) Or any A graded Yale Dissertation.

Overall Despite the negative reputation This site gets and can bring Its Users, It’s always a blast looking at the wealth of Information On the seemingly endless facets of Idiocy, Degeneracy, and Drama Of the worst and most Interesting people and communities on the Internet and the planet we live In. Seeing people discuss and document these things with such a cool open minded views to joke about even the most offensive subjects with little to no fears for political correctness Is so damn refreshing And rare to see On the Internet these days. It’s always a blast going on the farms and I’d be genuinely sad If the site was somehow terminated for real one day. The Internet needs a place like this😠✊🥝;)

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Cozier than reddit, less alienating than Twitter. Trannies and fat people are funny, and I can actually make fun of them on kf

On Twitter, 10,000 people will say the same dumb thing, and it comes across as a huge mass of anonymous contextless stupidity. If someone says something dumb here, it's because they're that one person who everyone knows is just like that. You downrate them or call them a fag and that's that.

KF is also better than Twitter because there are no journalists here.


Originally it was to read about Bryce Cherry, and then read the entire Manda Tee thread (that I’m now sadly threadbanned but whatever) where I met some great people, and then I dug more into the art side of the forums. So yeah, a little bit of everything for me.


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Came here because of CWC, stayed because of you retards. This place is actually easy to discuss different opinions no matter political affiliation, easy to shitpost, and has a lot of different interesting sub sections not related to lolcows. The Jannies here are okay (they still do it for free) and the owner of this place has principles and does a good job.

@bearycool is still a massive faggot though and should never be forgiven for starting a Kiwi beauty pageant thread.

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Nothing like the Farms exists. Not even the chans.

Where you can go to most forums for information and an alright sense of community over, I dunno, unicycles, the Kiwis are tightly knit and united in schadenfreude. There's still people behind the names but we all come here for the express Nelson-esque purpose of pointing amd laughing. And also archiving.

Prior to donning my cowboy cos play I among others came here a long time ago, lurking amongst the sludge, reading about Chris-Chan and YandereDev.

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Because the world is SO BAD, like diet soda.
Because I can say a lot of horrible things I don't believe on here, because I can say a lot of horrible things I do believe on here, because I can scream mindless obscenities into the void. Because the political opinions I read here I don't agree with are at least different from the boilerplate tripe redditors spew out. Because I like to say edgy racist words when I'm feeling nasty or want a cheap amoral laugh, even though I've proudly miscegenated with the best of them and I don't care about the survival of "the white race" one bit (and that's why I like the Jews, I'm one the same page as them due to my Ferengi-like nature.)

but mostly because I really like the horrible scary edgy obscene internet before Big Social Media. Like when people used insidetheweb or ezboards as their forums, remember that shit?

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Because where I live the shit I say here would get me fired and unpersoned. I live in a heavily liberal area that doesn't tolerate dissent so it's nice to have a space where I can say what I really think without destroying my life.

And KF is weirdly the most egalitarian space on the internet. We are all united in autism and faggotry. It's sad that a forum based on laughing at retards on the internet is more inclusive than progressive shitholes.