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Because I'm overcome by hate, for everyone and everything. Including myself.
See, for this place being such a supposed hate site I've encountered way less shittyness and judgmental attitudes on here than I have in other spots. Like I might get drunk and get in an arguement with some dipshit who holds a grudge, but for the most part nobody gives a shit.


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Well as many others have said, everything else is so boring and fake niceness and it's great to finally have a place were you just can speak your mind. Besides I'm a huge sucker for dumb drama and love making fun of mentally deranged women and dogfucking pokemon artists.


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Had an itch for a forum since everything else sucks or is dead.
Always had a thing for gossip too.


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There's a forum for almost everything here. Plus, the rules are simple. Show people that the internet is forever (archive everything), be autistic first and never dumb, and don't get so mad. Whether it's politics, video games, beauty, or even food, this is still the internet. Just take it easy and have fun!

Gotta love the no word filter, fags.

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Because this is the only place where people actually talk about the way what troons and SJWs say and what they do doesn't match up. I was starting to think I was the insane one and had given myself over fully to the doublethink they force on you via social pressure, until I started reading these forums. I also became a lot less sensitive to peoples' words in general. I don't exclusively come here for the free speech boners and anti-troonfuckery but it makes a nice background. To be honest I'm finding it hard to exist on other sites now because going back from the freedom is a shock. I'm not a fan of people saying nigger all the time, but I keep that to myself because people are gonna say what they're gonna say. And the longer I'm here, the less sense it makes that that word still has so much power.


Cliche to or predictable an answer to some on here but honestly just to be ME without too many reservations. I hate sites where I can't be ME. I'm just sorry to this community I didn't sign up years ago. Really am. This was the right fit for me and I just wandered around for decades elsewhere. Like Bono U2 "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For..." type shit. More and more this feels like Home...I just prefer to lurk around and not post shit. No offence people of Kiwi. I still live in a bit of a drunken shell but I do value you all. Maybe one day I will come out of that shell and really contribute more than I do. No promises though. Peace

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but mostly because I really like the horrible scary edgy obscene internet before Big Social Media. Like when people used insidetheweb or ezboards as their forums, remember that shit?
This. I'm so bored of big social media platforms that i'm scraping the bottom of the internet barrel, trying literally anything else

And also because of anonimity and the lack of weight to accounts. Still not as anonymous as IBs but at least here i don't have to worry about getting suspended for saying something cryptically problematic. I rarely use Twitter anymore other than for DMs because i fear having my 2013 account permabanned just for venting or fucking with assholes.
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It's a good place for me to laugh and see how truly miserable and fucked up other people are in the world. Makes my problems seem like nothing.

Language isn't censored and people from all walks of life congregate here and can coexist as long as you aren't some super autist.

Saying Kiwi Farms is therapeutic is weird, but it's true.
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