Why Do You Post on Kiwi Farms? - DEEP THOTS


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Because 4chan sucks now, Reddit is a trashfire, Twitter is useless and garbage, and my Facebook is overrun with lefty cucks most of whom are figuratively and literally LARPers.

It's a place where I can feel better about myself for being fairly normal, and laughing at the freaks of the internet. It's, dare I say it, an island of sanity and a sea of shit that is the modern internet. It sort of feels like how people would describe old Something Awful... a SA that never really existed, except in people's heads. It feels a bit like how the old internet was, only more autistic.


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I always hated social media. Even though i tried everything , like different chans, reddit, facebook, twitter, i always just missed when i only posted on ( now defunct) forums. I never felt like i belonged online after those went away.

KW farms is imo the only place i've come across that still carries some of that old internet vibe, theres a good balance of free speech, humor and discussion. And who would have thought a seemingly catty gossip forum would have better redacted and interesting takes about happenings and general topics than other outlets that take themselves more seriously. It surprisingly feels less hostile and diverse lurking here than vanilla social media for normies where everyone walks on eggshells all the time, despite the KW reputation of being all bullies and meanies, it also feels somewhat more free than anonymous imageboards that have been taken over by botnets rehashing the same low effort noise every day.
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I'm not at all an edgelord or anything, but every other medium I took part in has been overtaken by the overly sensitive where you can't even try to have a reasonable discussion if you oppose the hivemind in any way. There is a ton of shit said on here that I strongly disagree with, yet it's still a relief that people get to say it without everyone else shitting their pants over it. I just want to be able to speak my mind somewhere without having to walk on egg shells around a topic.


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I post/lurk here not just because of the exceptional people this place documents but also it seems like the only place on the Internet that hasn't become infested with SJW shit and TDS.

And the movie nights. Can't forget the movie nights.


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because I am alone......
to be serious, I like kiwifarms. Unlike some sites such as reddit, people aren't sniffing their farts here and are more honest.