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KF is also better than Twitter because there are no journalists here.
I disagree. Mostly there are way better journalists here than in news. But they're powered by autism.

For me, it's the spicy, unadulterated takes like Judge Holden's explanation of "why conservatives are so mean" to a "little nigger".

It's what the internet used to (want to) be and I just wanna grill.

K. V. Bones

I want a forum that is popular and open, where people are free to speak their minds and engage in some edgy humor and nobody has to walk on eggshells all the time.

Basically like how the internet used to be in the 2000s.
I miss screaming NIGGER on halo 3 then posting online and saying nigger non stop.

Those were the days....
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Came for the tranniv dick pics, stayed for the political discussion where people don't feel pressured to parrot a certain narrative.

The world says, "Black lives matter!"

To which KF responds, "No lives matter!" and then throws in some gamer words to drive the point home.
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Mostly because I dont have any other forum where I can say nigger casually, and get away with it

Jokes aside, kiwi has enough drama to feed my huge appetite for internet news


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Originally came her to lurk on Chris updates, joined to voice my own opinion on the man while initially offering a funny twist by posting in characterbut dropped that when it kept getting me autistic ratings. Soon found myself voicing my thoughts on other topics around here and it's finally starting to feel like home


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one word: spergacity!

edit: I cleverly got around the one word rule with my spergacity, a word I totally didn't just make up.