LISTEN &/OR BELIEVE "Why do you treat women like they're a different species?" -


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  • They rarely upfront

  • They hate direct communication/ propositions from sub 8 men.

  • They don't have reasonable standards (going for their looks-match).

  • They have far more turn offs than turn ons. If you miraculously hit a turn on staying on it is like riding a unicycle on a trapeze wire. You can easily fall off into the turn offs while men have far more turn ons and more forgiving of hitting a turn off.

  • Their dating advice is rarely applicable to who they actually fucked.

  • They have an irrational sexual disgust for sub 8 good guys but give their L(egs). O(pen). V(ery). E(asily) for Chad/badboys.

  • They have sex on demand while the majority of men do not. Even hideous women complain that they only get sexual offers. When have you met even an average complain about the same problem?
If women were more sensible in their partner choices then current dating and relationships wouldn't be as fucked as they are and inceldom would be near non-existent.