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It might be a pretty obvious answer like: "I just like laughing at dumbo's on the internet"
I was around 16/17 when I discovered Chris in middle school and I didn't really know what I wanted to do in my life which freaked me the fuck out, but I used Chris as an example of what not to be in the future and what actions I should not do to my road to adulthood.
I'm really wondering if other people have other reasons.


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Deagle Nation was literally the funniest thing I've seen in my life, and Jace's word choice was so hilarious that I laugh every time I think about phrases like "I am the Commander of the United States Street Racers!" or "That's realistic content, press 1 in the chat".
I constantly follow more of the sort in hopes of seeing something close to that funny ever again.
Nothing quite yet has been as great, but the Donga VS Andy arc of Bloodsports was real close.

Also, "I just like laughing at dumbo's on the internet" does sum it up quite well, laughing at people acting dumb has been funny for centuries, from court jesters to circus clowns to slapstick comedians, and I don't think that'll ever stop being the case.


They are an adequate replacement for over dramatic TV without all the fakeness. Lolcow can somehow be unreasonable but still keep the elements of realism that TV can't. This make them really enjoyable to watch and easy to form a human connection whether positive or negative.
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Much as the novelty got lost, I watch lolcows just to see what stupidity they can reach. Examples include: Marjan Siklic and how his blogspot showed how he wanted a girlfriend, CWC reaching out to Nintendo except he actually responded to trolls, ISideTape trying to defend walking in the outside of his apartment complex as a baby to an ABDL Reddit, and seeing communities such as on Tumblr and 4Chan act as idiots over things such as cartoons and the like.
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I watch lolcows because I'm addicted to watching stupid people make life ruining mistakes that are easily avoidable. It's an authentic, organic reproduction of the quintessential tragedy. We all know how hamlet ends; it's watching the dominoes fall into place that makes it all worthwhile.

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If any of you grew up in the early 2000’s, lolcows give this Total Drama Island feel to everything they touch, it’s an incredibly batshit show of seemingly cartoonishly stupid things, but now it’s very real, and very autistic. It’s sort of this nostalgia I have in the insanity it presents. Now Null is our Chris McLean, hosting an island full of downies and tards, all at each other’s throats or being too trapped in their own delusions to even properly function and exist. It’s not anything grand, it’s just people being stupid, we just have the wonderful privilege of them being stupid enough to share everything.


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Personally, I enjoy the discussion/banter part that comes with lolcow watching.

Whether is on this website or just gossiping with friends, there's things you cannot obtain by just watching the cow (I mentioned before that disneyfan01 is a favorite of mine because of the discussion and fanfic analysis conducted by kiwis on her thread, to give an example) but through interacting with others. From setting up bets on what could happen to the cow next, to making fun of whatever autist decides to whiteknight the cow in question, it's like watching a really bad movie with friends and having fun as a result of the interactions and commentary prompted by the movie, not because of the movie in itself.


It's entertaining.

Nothing more funny than watching real-life individuals with no shred of self-awareness or reflection into their own behaviors proceed to make total fools of themselves for all to see online, you always get some hilarious results and behaviors stemming from it. Like a flaming car accident you can't turn your head away from, except with humor and schadenfreude in it.

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I like to watch cows because it helps me realise that if I'm having a shit day there's always some one that makes a fool of themselves wheather it be a tranny, furry or some dumb arse e-celeb such as Ralph.

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I like watching how different people react to different situations and how different dysfunctions manifest themselves. It's like a more intimate form of people watching and a more personal experience than reading psychology case files. I'm also using it to gauge how certain societal factors are going to play out. I've said before that there's a lot of cows who I'm watching basically just to see what happens once their enabling boomer parents die because the truth is a lot of Gen Xer's and Millennial are still supported by their boomer parents to some extent. I check in on a lot of trannies because I want to see how many kill themselves, how many detransition, how far society goes in coddling them.

Also because I've had an internet addiction since childhood and my own life is mostly a mess, especially right now, so cow watching is great escapism lol.