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I learned about CWC when I was just out of high school and as a sperg myself, I felt so much better about being able to hold down a job and mediocre-ly interact with others. I don't relate to most of the cows I follow now, but they provide the same sort of sad freakshow content I enjoy. It's like hearing about the most fucked up person that went to your high school, except that person is a narcissistic litigious obese troon child abuser who farts on camera and picks wounds open for attention (if this person went to your high school, please post them on the farms).

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Cows provide quality laughs and thrills. Many have said the exact same thing, but they are better than reality TV.
I enjoy this song:

Often I'm also a malicious asshole so I enjoy watching people being bitten by their entirely avoidable mistakes.
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Been lurking imageboards for a while, you start finding out about wacky and goofy people... Then you begin to realize that it's a lot more common than you think!

I quickly begun to find lolcows (for lack of better term) so fascinating, there's almost something whimsical about the whole thing, just to be able to witness the weird and wonderful of the internet.
Even the total nutters, the schizo sorts, even the tragic ones... There's something simply fascinating about seeing the lives that lolcows put out there on the internet, be it simple lack of self awareness or for attention, they do it nonetheless, regardless of scrutiny.
While most normies out there probably see this place as some seekret underground evil stalking bully website made by Satan himself... I find this website an interesting source of entertainment that is hard come by on the internet these days.

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Lolcows are a great source of self-reflection. From autists like Chris teaching you how to not be an entitled sperg and reveal your private life to everyone, to pretty much any e-celeb cow showing what not to do when you have an audience.
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It's fun. I treat the same way as reading about gossip and drama. It's collected in one place that's easily accessible to binge on. The lolcows discussed themselves may not be fun. Many lolcows, in fact, are pretty awful human beings. However, getting to laugh at some of their weird tendencies, comeuppances, and just having an overall horrible understanding of reality is something to behold.


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They are an adequate replacement for over dramatic TV without all the fakeness. Lolcow can somehow be unreasonable but still keep the elements of realism that TV can't. This make them really enjoyable to watch and easy to form a human connection whether positive or negative.
this is my reasoning too. plenty of people want a ticket to the freak show of their choice. some people watch the voice, some people watch ru paul's drag race, some people watch TLC, some people watch the bachelor---at the end of the day though you're really just gawking at weirdos anyway. i just prefer mine all-natural.


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I've always liked watching people make fools of themselves publicly (shitty daytime tv drama shows are great even if not real sometimes). Lowcow watching is really the same thing except for an expanded timeline for the individuals involved. It is sort of like getting a six-season Hulu series instead of just one episode.

Plus I would never share this interest of mine with others in real life. At least here I can discuss my bizarre, autistic interest with you fine folks.
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