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I believe the consequence of posting your personal information all over the internet is having retards like me laugh at you. I get bored pretty quickly when I can't find more info about someone.

Some people make it so easy and spoon feed their private life to the internet so that anyone can find it or stumble on it randomly, sometimes with no effort.
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I don't just like watching the cows but I also enjoy it more when the cows themselves and their merry band of whiteknights hop on this site.

Plus I love it when there's an obvious solution to their problems and any form criticism or advice comes their way. It's just too fucking good to watch them flip their shit, sperg out on how they're good little noodles, and call null an evil white man with 17 swastika penises.

Other than that I just like it when the cows themselves improve to be better.


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The lolcows I tend to follow are typically horrorcows in some capacity or another, because I'm a moralfag by nature and I no longer find autistics or trannies who are just wildly eccentric or have views I don't believe in as amusing as I did over a decade ago. I prefer ridiculing people who I feel actually deserve it these days due to how harmful they are towards other people (or animals), as opposed to people who are just weird but mostly only a danger to themselves or the morons who raised them that way, of which they are dime a dozen.

Also, self-reflection is a big part of it. Nothing makes you analyze your own life choices more than watching someone else make all the wrong ones on purpose, and I think observing lolcows who have similar issues to your own can definitely put things into perspective. My life is far from perfect but goddamn if it couldn't be a hell of a lot worse if I lacked the capacity for foresight and self-awareness that some of the lolcows documented here do.
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There's one lolcow in particular that I hope goes inactive one day cuz she's harmful to children.
As for other lolcows, it's been said before but they're better than reality TV shows because it's genuine and people seriously made bad decisions thanks to whatever mental disorder they have. It's also fascinating that people can be like that.


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A google search on Russell Greer led me here. Little did I realise that there are hundreds of other people objectively worse than him out and about online.

I naively thought (at first) this site was run by people across the ditch from me in New Zealand. I was legitimately curious as to why they were so interested in some weird guy from Utah.

I've stayed here ever since. It's a modern-day freak show.


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It’s the same reason I like outsider art. It’s this insight into strange subcultures and ways of thinking that exist close to the normal world, yet at the same time are just totally different. How is it that someone can have an apparently normal upbringing, yet suddenly decide on a life path that leads only to ridicule and misery? Why do they persist when a better life is within reach? How do they navigate the world? It’s fascinating.

It’s also a real life soap opera or sitcom infinitely more interesting than any writer could devise. No one would create a character like CWC or Tooter, because they just don’t make sense.


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This shit's better than television. You can get fifty tv writers together and none of them could come up with the world's most gullible autist driving twelve hours to a crack house in Ohio because he thinks he'll get his bent pickle wet. And they sure as shit couldn't have come up with a guy with an incredibly tiny penis rubbing shit all over his genitals to "prove" he's not a child molester... or a youtuber who left his smoking hot gf so he could film himself sticking his penis inside a chick who cucked him for a 15 year old boy... or a mookbong youtuber who just had to post his penis and anus on the Internet for attention... or a fat alcoholic redneck uploaded a video of his small penis hiding behind his jiggling gunt because some meth head said he was too impotent to fuck an 18 year old.



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My first lolcow was Mobility Mary. They are like a drug. When I heard this slob bitching and moaning at dog walkers I was hooked. Plus they provide good examples of how not to do life.


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I find it cathartic after a rough day locked in the wagey cagey to relax talking about, or talking to in some cases, creatures that darwin still hasn't caught up to yet. It's therapeutic really.

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A couple of years ago I saw an interview with Venus Angelic and Margaret on German trash TV and then, through comments on her channel, I discovered PULL and KiwiFarms. I just kinda got sucked in. As others have said, watching the cows ruin their lives is strangely fascinating and better and more real than mainstream reality TV.


Originally I stuck around just to have a reminder of what not to be but now I just want to see how deep the abyss of the human condition goes.

It's far less depressing than I'd ever have imagined in the past.


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they're funny + godwinson is an awesome editor/narrator who showed me just how entertaining and enlightening lolcow coverage can be