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There have always been weirdos on the internet and they keep bleeding into my little sphere of content that I like to enjoy. I used to enjoy h3h3 when they made actual content and not just drama and podcast videos. I like fan art, but all the channels that were really good for art like Deviantart, Tumblr, and Reddit just got overrun by degenerates thinking anyone wants to see low-effort "Calarts" style bullshit or disgusting niche fetish art. I can't fucking watch anime without being reminded that my favourite voice actors are either chimping the fuck out on Twitter or getting literal false accusations thrown their way. All my "friends" on social media aren't willing to just talk about basic shit like what the last Criminal Minds episode was like. No, I need to see thousands of posts saying "if you don't support X, you're a fucking horrible person" or something to that effect.

I'm fucking tired of using the internet like some normie if I'm just gonna be surrounded by weirdos on the internet against my will while also being forced to tolerate their presence. If lolcows are fucking unavoidable on the internet no matter what, I might as well be in a position where I can just laugh at their terrible lives. Seeing other people with vaguely similar gripes about these lunatics on the internet makes me feel slightly less out of place. Plus there's all kinds of fucking lolcows that vary from being legitimately funny, downright baffling, fucking horrifying, etc. It's like reality TV meets Jerry Springer.
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