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As Greek philosopher TheOdd1sOut once said, "either you're good at math and bad at reading, or you're weird." Well, apparently nearly everyone else is weird.

Like, I learned to read by myself at age 3, but English was always more painful. In math it was always just drilling this one new concept (which I usually figured out before the teacher explained it, until reaching calculus), while in English it was always "read thirty pages of this shitty overdramatic book and analyze the fuck out of it." But whenever the topic of "worst class" is brought up, it's ALWAYS math. Elementary and middle school weren't complete torture and I got mostly B's in middle school (no letter grades in elementary), but high school was AWFUL.

Like around October-November of 10th grade, Chemistry made us do basic addition to figure out compatible ionic bonds, math was just simplifying and expanding polynomials as well as going over the trig already done in 8th and 9th grade, and English made you read like 20-30 pages of Macbeth EVERY NIGHT, write a 2-3 paragraph response regarding some character's motive or the seating arrangement or whatever, then discuss it in a group the next day while you have absolutely no fucking idea what to say because you didn't actually read all that shit and BS'd the response (which you failed), but of course everyone ELSE made sure to thoroughly read it. Then those people who actually had all the time to do that shit complain about how hard it is to do literal kindergarten math to figure out which ions form bonds with each other. I was ALWAYS at the D+/C- cutoff in high school English classes.

Fucking differential equations as a 6-week summer course was WAY easier than 9th grade English. Fuck essays. The hardest proofs I've encountered in upper-level math classes are at MOST as hard as the typical daily high school English reading response.

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I always hated both in school. I was more of a Science person, I Aced biology and got B's and C's in Earth Science (don't ask me what metamorphic, igneous or sedimentary rocks are though, that got deleted from my brain along time ago)

I can't do algebra for shit, and the only time I gave a fuck in English was when we were reading "12 Angry Men" because i like that kind of stuff.


Because when you are bad at math, you know you are bad at math.

When you are bad with english, you can't tell because everyone else is bad too.
Pretty easy to tell when you ask the kids next to you what they got on the essay you failed and they say they fucked up and only got a B.


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Highschool teachers are usually pretty bad at teaching. English should be easy since it is literally just understanding what the author was saying by learning about people and historical events. Most English majors don't study any history so It's weird how they're even able to understand what they end up teaching.

Writing something that doesn't read like shit is pretty hard but that's because it's an art.


Highschool teachers are usually pretty bad at teaching. English should be easy since it is literally just understanding what the author was saying by learning about people and historical events.
Yeah, that's what everyone says about English class. I think my experience might've had something to do with my high school being competitive as fuck where the average student's target schools are Boston College and Brandeis and the like.

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Math was always my worst in school. I actually had to be taken out of my algebra class in middle school and be put in a lower class. It's a miracle I passed it in college. Though I got a lot of help from my teacher and the internet. History was my far my best. I easily understood it. I could remember dates, people, events. Reading was pretty easy too, just not up there with history. I think I liked those more because they weren't as linear. They could have opinions and could go many different ways. Math there is only one answer, the right answer. You mess up once by writing the wrong number or putting a decimal in the wrong place the whole thing is screwed up. After that you get frustrated and it gets harder to think straight so you're more likely to mess up. This still happens in reading and history though. You might get the date wrong or who was involved but you can still have an opinion on that event that isn't wrong or right. I can get into an actual story. I don't care when Bob and Joe are going to pass each other because Bob is driving at 40 mph and Joe is driving at 20 mph.

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I am the absolute worst at math, even the most basic life skills kind of math I end up struggling with. English and science were my top subjects (not physics though, that was just math wearing a science coat). It sucks though, as I couldn't go into the profession I wanted to due to maths being a requirement for studying it, despite my high levels in science. I'm not sure why I am so bad, I had good teachers and my parents taught me stuff at a younger age, so I guess something is just broken inside when it comes to working any kind of maths/time/money etc.

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No one really hates math until the alphabet letters start to show up in problems. There are no shortcuts in math unlike in English, where I could just download the Cliff Notes and not actually have to read the whole book.
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Because English is typically easier if you know how to bullshit. Most questions that aren’t about rules or mechanics can answer themselves. That, and essays are easy enough to write if you have enough to work with.
Math, it’s no bullshit. You are right or wrong and there’s not a middle ground. On one hand, that’s good for math itself. It’s a fundamental law of our universe and isn’t exactly subjective. But on the other, the US curriculum sucks at teaching it. You do use math all the time, but not in the way you were taught.
PL, but I think it’s a decent example of how math can be fun. Back in Elementary, my school decided to make the kids have a certain number of hours of ‘free math’, where you were supposed to find math to do in the library or Internet or whatever. As long as it was math and your parent said you did it, they didn’t care. So, what my dad did was have us just play Backgammon and Poker with him for a few hours a week and he signed off on the paper saying we were learning ‘arithmetic and odds’.
So, math isn’t taught well and it’s easier to slapdick your way through English if you know what the teacher’s looking for.