Why doesn't the stupid West have any respect, the idiots. -


Be the change you wish to see my brother. Peace be with you. Namaste.

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Lolz well you see you're writing more about personal growth than the metaphysics of such ideologies. So it'd be off topic conversation.

But I believe certain Eastern philosophies to hold real plausible truths regarding the nature of reality.

I can back it up very well.

I don't think it requires loving others etc. as we do exist as a subjective self despite sharing one commonality. Actually the initial direct experiences with nonduality made me feel strange and it took me a while to change perspective and understand it does not require aspects of my life to change. Or indeed who I am etc.

It is off topic like I said but I have had a large # of out of body experiences and mystical experiences which I'm eager to discuss when an appropriate topic springs up.


respect, as normally we understand it, is useless. we have to respect old people, our parents, and colleagues not because they have earned our respect with merit, it's just because we have decided is proper to respect those people. there's even people who argue we have to respect strangers, for no apparent reason.
the next step is to respect ideas and figures. the ideals of a random person on the street are not worthy of my respect just for being ideals to them.
I agree that we have to be civil to not waste time in trivial personas offenses, but respecting everything and everyone is not the way to go.


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I have only just now, close to my 30s, fully comprehended the importance of respect. I understand that different cultures are built on different key principles, but respect seems to be sorely missing from western culture from every generation since WW2. I've been so busy thinking about all the ways I've been disadvantaged through my life, that I've lost all grasp of how fortunate I am to have the people in my life I have, and to have the capability to consider them and what they bring to my world. We should all understand that we are truly in this together in a spiritual/cosmic sense. We all deserve to be treated with proper respect and consideration, even the lolcows. I won't stop laughing at their misfortune, but I'll stop judging them as lesser than me. We all have as much meaningfulness behind us in the eyes of the void and of the eternal god consciousness. We shouldn't let this world's faults rob us of respect.

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You would be hard-pressed to find gutter oil in a western restaurant.

Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia are pretty decently wealthy and yet still use it.


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