why eating on camera helps me... 9/6/2019 - Day 80 of 100


why eating on camera helps me... - 9/6/2019 (The Nightmare Continues - technically Day 80 of 100)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- "Today is September 5th!" Too much sun for our poor gorl!

- Fangorling over "Liar" and "Shameless" by Camila Cabello

- "Clearly we are outside, getting some sun" (in case people were confused why they can't see Pillow Mountain in frame)

- Dainty Gorl refuses to show Twinkie Storr because she is pooping, despite all the other times she's shown that.

- "Cars go super slow, like WHAT are you looking at?" (...are you fucking serious, Hamber?)

- Experimenting with the zoom feature, which has apparently never been needed before since she's always zoomed out as far as possible to get just a fraction of Hamber's/Necky's Blobbiness in frame.

"EAT WITH ME" MOOKBONG (feat. SALAD - "the Asian one")
- Hamber had no idea dogs weren't supposed to have Grain-Free diets.
- OITNB "spoiler-free" discussion, but she cried a lot.
- Crying so much she was "gagging for breath" and "couldn't breathe". (If crying is too much exercise for you, YOU MIGHT BE AN AMBERLYNN!)
- "Why do you eat on camera?" *shovels huge forkfull of salad into maw* "When I film 'Eat With Me's or Mook-Bongs, I am more aware of what I'm eating."
- Hamber clearly has no idea of what Portion Control is, because the same amount of food on the plate, whether eaten quickly or slowly, if ENTIRELY EATEN, makes no difference.
- "That's what works for me." (Show us proof that anything is 'working' for you, Hamber, before asking ANYONE to believe that.)
- Claims eating on camera helps her "eat less", but ALSO admits it's food she "was going to be eating anyway"? But then CHANGES to say the AMOUNT she eats in a Mookbong is somehow LESS than she normally would if nobody's watching?

- "Saga" comic book by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples (she's reading the omnibus/compilations)
- Do y'all really care about her "recommendation" and blathering? Haven't heard of one book she's "read" that didn't get a glowing recommendation.

Comment from "SUPER FUN TORRID HAUL!!!!!" (out of 3,684): Ruth Evelyn - "If your dreading doing a try-on haul then just don't do them! nobody asked for it anyways."
Response: "Not true! I get a LOT of people asking for try-on hauls!" (They're just in her INSTAGRAM DMs!) "People do like them! They click on them and they watch them! Whether it's hate or for a good reason or whatever..."
- She dreaded it only because it was HOT and she was TIRED from CLEENEEN.

TL;DR: SKIP, unless you're into watching a cow graze on salad and belch out hot gas that's generally bad for everyone else on the planet.


I cannot watch this bitch eat. She sounds like a damn cow chewing cud.

But since I know she's reads the farms. Girl, you crazy and you need to stop. I don't have to even watch this video to know that you only eat on camera because it brings in more views than your horrid hauls, so don't with the excuses. The only thing that would bring in more views if you actually did a weigh in where we saw your ass on the scale. ALL of your ass, standing on the industrial scale you had to buy. Trick you played but you do you boo boo but we see you.


It's like that Groundhog Day movie, where every video she throws out is just basically the same fucking video from the day before and nothing new happens. I can't even remember half of the things that were said/done in the video posted today because my brain is tired of being tortured. We have to be close to seeing something big go down (ha), but this journey has just been so goddamn long and slow.

Raw Meat

Response: "Not true! I get a LOT of people asking for try-on hauls!" (They're just in her INSTAGRAM DMs!) "People do like them! They click on them and they watch them! Whether it's hate or for a good reason or whatever..."
As if people actually demanded yet another Torrid try-on haul, it's just a way to churn out pointless content and avoid doing the promised live weigh in or anything involving any degree of effort.


What an insane thing to admit, that scraping the crumbs up from a plate of what was it, 16 fake nuggets??? is less than what you were going to eat.
The mind games with this one. Always taking a kernel of truth and spinning it into an all-out lah. What she means is, “I eat less than I would when I’m on camera...and then I turn the camera off and I eat the rest of it.” Good for you, we’re helping you pause for five seconds during your binges! So glad to be a part of your journey :story: