why eating on camera helps me... 9/6/2019 - Day 80 of 100


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Unfortunately, this is what psychiatry has come to in many places. Unless you have the money/insurance & good sense to find a competent psychiatrist who wants you to go to therapy in conjunction with seeing them, and who also communicates with said therapist— you end up with this shit. Someone who sees you every 6 weeks, occasionally ups your dosage of one or more meds, and says, “this is fine”. Psychiatrists in rural Kentucky who are willing to take a self-pay patient typically aren’t going to give top of the line care.
that's not a realistic view tbh. if a psychiatrist refused to see anyone who wasn't also committed to staying in therapy they'd have almost no patients. it's not an issue of "competency" psychiatrists don't have much education or training in therapy because they are medical doctors. if people have clinically diagnosed mental illness they are usually better off being medicated and not having therapy vs not being medicated AND not having therapy. Especially for bipolar disorder and other conditions for which people need antipsychotic medication.

besides what you're saying doesn't even apply to amberlynn because despite muh rural kentucky she DOES have access to a therapist who according to her is in the same program as her psychiatrist.


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I really hope Nerdberlynn becomes a saga (no pun intended.)
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Narcissists believe they're the smartest person in the room when in fact they're the dumbest, so yes. It's like a toddler hiding behind a curtain that shows his feet and thinking he's so clever, except he's a toddler, not a thirty year old.
And to make it worse, they believe that if people aren't calling them out, it's because they've fooled them, rather than that those people are just being kind and merciful. They can't fathom someone having an opportunity to rip someone apart and not taking it.
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If she actually would learn to cook, she could make herself a beef stew with carrots, onions and potatoes and portion it out. It would be way more satisfying than a salad. The chances of this are highly unlikely though considering Al believes herself to be a chef extraordinaire.
She even has a crockpot to transfer the browned meat and veg into...but she's lazy and is happy to eat slop and junk food.


She showed her apple watch activity graph in her last video. Bitch is awake from 12am to 6am and then goes to sleep and wakes up at 3-4pm everyday. Her sleep schedule is fucked. I wonder how her room mates sleep when this bitch is screeching in the other room at 1am in the night
This is why I always believe her "what I eat in a day" videos. She probably does eat just two meals and a snack in the day. She never said "This is what I eat in 24 hours" and I'll bet she's in hog heaven binging in private while everyone is asleep. One reason she can't/won't change her sleep schedule, that would cut into prime binge time.

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I'll bet she's in hog heaven binging in private while everyone is asleep.
The thought of that gives me heartburn. I think she mentioned heartburn before if I'm not mistaken. If so, why the fuck does she keep eating if she knows this is what aggravates it? Oh wait, she's a real-life Darlene Fleischermacher from Dead Rising 3 sans high-speed scooter and giant spork. Once she's off her mood-stabilizer meds, I wouldn't be surprised if she stabbed someone at a buffet with a fork because they took her orange chicken.

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As if people actually demanded yet another Torrid try-on haul, it's just a way to churn out pointless content and avoid doing the promised live weigh in or anything involving any degree of effort.
Now what can you possibly mean by that, gorl? It's not just effort, it's her exercise for the day! Putting on those clothes is exactly like spending an hour lifting at the gym! XD


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Once she's off her mood-stabilizer meds, I wouldn't be surprised if she stabbed someone at a buffet with a fork because they took her orange chicken.
It blows my mind that deathfats are able to get psychiatric medication. Their brain is so fucked up from their nutritionally deficient diet, sedentary lifestyle, and abuse of junk food. There is so much messing with their brain, like hormones (fat produces estrogen), sugar highs, and unbelievably high insulin. But sure, let’s add mood stabilizers into the mix.