Why every celebrity has the same identical political opinion - Trying to make sense of celebrity lolcows


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Ever since the USA elections in 2016, every possible celebrity except Kanye has the same political opinion.
I believe that when a singer, actor or whatever gets the big break and they get to be signed to a major label company, in the agreement there has to be a clause that says:
"You must have this political opinion and express it publicly whenever you can"
And in the current situation you just see celebrities parroting each other with the same shit over and over again.
I don't think it's a stretch, celebrities are just merchandise that has to sell, so their agencies are putting the most buzzword labels on them such as feminist, liberal, progressive etc etc.
Do you think any of this makes sense?

Or do you think they are just MKUltra victims?

Or is it the same thing?


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“The TV business is uglier than most things. It is normally perceived as some kind of cruel and shallow money trench through the heart of the journalism industry, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs, for no good reason.”

― Hunter S. Thompson, Generation of Swine: Tales of Shame and Degradation in the '80's

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Most celebrities are absolute morons and shameless attention whores.

They just want to be popular and do what everyone else is doing.
This, you really don't have to think it that much, it's unbelievable simple and predictable, if we lived in a theocratic society that discriminates blacks the exact same people would sprout the most racist shit ever for good boy points.

It's all empty, there's nothing.
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I think it's nothing new. Artists (a debatable title for these people I'm sure) have long been mocked for being socially left creative types; so it should be no surprise that these too are socially left inclined if not creative.

Note that I say socially left, not economically. Few of these people pay any taxes or state dues after all.

Some jobs just attract certain types of people who form echo chambers.


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It's because the celebrities in question are mostly meant to appeal to teenagers and young adults who are generally more interested in those buzzwords. It boils down to them being the most profitable audience.
Well they are failing then as a majority of gen z seems to be republican or Bernie left, which are pretty much treated the same way. Just a bunch of Gen xers going off or identity political millennials saying they bad because they are too crazy, or their white, or something about “returning to normalcy.”

If anything, many of these celebrities are just trying to hold on to relevancy in the modern world. Their only audience seems to be those born around the 80s or 90s, thus they are trying to play to those generations. Millennial liberals had some of the strongest voices back in 2015, so companies and celebs know it to be a profitable market. Of course, it wasn’t, but hindsight can be an awful thing. You also have a lot of Gen X in the audience, who treat Obama like the new Reagan, saying he is one of the most truthful and greatest leaders of the time. They also were big on the Clintons as they were the anti-establishment candidates of their era. Add in that many celebrities have connections to the liberal circle (Clinton - Obama - Biden), and the politics start making sense.

Ultimately, in the advent of the YouTube world, the Hollywood industry is being phased out. Most of these politics are likely an attempt to further push against the inevitable. It also doesn’t help that many stars are only cared for by the franchise they are in nowadays, so maybe politics is an avenue to have a voice. It makes people like Robert Downe Jr. more than Iron Man or the character they play from hit franchises like the MCU or Star Wars.

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Is because most people working on the entertainment industry hire their friends and a big thing about these "friendships" nowadays is agreeging politically which helps building an echo-chamber. Besides when you are very vocal about a cause its easier to hide from onlookers your skeletons deep in the closet.
Just look at how degenerates like Weinstein, Epstein, Polanski and Spacey got away with shit for years because they were too powerful, and those are the ones the public has verification on.