why i haven't been uploading weigh in day 001 - MUH MENTALZ - 04/21/2021

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She's completely missing the mark when it comes to comments about her skin - people are appalled at how it reflects her apparent lack of concern for her HEALTH.
544 lbs. is a BMI of 96.4 if her height is 5'3".
Per the sizing guide/chart on Torrids website, these are the measurements for 6X

At 5' 3", or 66 inches tall, per size 30, she's wider than she is tall. If that isn't a wake up call, nothing is.
Muh mentalz, get the fuck outta here. She's on lives with an inch of makeup plastered on, $70 toddler dress on, shrieking obnoxiously (laughing), and throwing shade at Becky, all the while eye fucking herself, and ignoring Super chats under $5.
The only thing depressed is every system in her body, trying to keep her alive while she carries the weight of three grown women, in fat.


Kiwis gonna kiwi.
I am irrationally angry that her hair is in that odd triangle shape. It's obvious that she arranged her hair for this video, but it's done in such an aesthetically unpleezeen way that it becomes frustratingly pretentious. She doesn't seem to know how to do her hair like a normal person, and this somehow smacks of those utterly ridiculous over-sized bow clips she used to wear.

Just... just don't.


If she is telling the truth about the jaundice, we would see it in the whites of her eyes too. I'm no doctor but she probably has non alcoholic fatty liver disease. She probably has the beetus too, as she has the symptoms, like dark patches on her arms and hands and is always thirsty.
But of course what bothers her more is mean comments.

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Well okay then... your face is red and blotchy because you've been crying "natural tears" and you're not wearing 10 lbs. of make-up. Uh-huh. Please Hambersplain to me why your arms and apparently the rest of your tub o'lard body is so red and blotchy in this video, too. Do they have their own tear ducts? Do they cry to having to foist your massive shelf ass around from room to room?

The answer to these and other earth-shattering mysteries on the next edition of :


(props to @Diet Coke 4 Life for the pretty glittertext!)


Hm, depressed yet consistently acting an egotistical fool on social media? Pull the other one.

She loves claiming she's depressed despite fucking happily marinating in her worthless lifestyle. It must be so hard stuffing your face 24/7 and having to shit out an embarrassing video every week, oh Fatty how do you manage it?
If it's not regular depression then it's seasonal depression and vice versa, any mental illness she can latch onto - she will and she won't let that fucker go.

Turd Fergusson

My take on this video:

The fact is a bit red might be from high blood pressure. Has she taken her blood pressure medication lately? Not sure

So, she has jaundice? Has she done anything to treat it? Nope.

So, she has depression, has she done anything to treat it? Nope.

Sleep apnea, lipedema, high blood pressure, cancer, other weight-related maladies, so what does she find important? Putting makeup so that her skin does not look yellow.

Now she will do live streams and weight-ins regularly. Expect that this is the only one.

She finds that talking about her weight is a burden. She will make videos on what she is doing to lose weight and her channel now will be focused on weight loss. She does not want to set herself to failure, so no long-term goals or challenges.

She is saying that she weighs 544 pounds, so she is down a bit of weight from her highest.

No discussion on bariatric surgery, so, she was denied again. Thus, she will be back to no-fail diets.


Yeah, her mental health is SO awful that she was on live this week cackling like a quarter tonne witch and calling everyone watching "ugly." I guess it's her terrible mental state that turns her into a complete cunt, huh?

Of course it's our fault, not Amber's for putting her life online, not Amber's for gaining so much weight her body is failing... No, it's ours for pointing out what we see.
She's just cycling through the same round of content at a ridiculously fast rate now... Sit-down videos, eating and then staging a "mental breakdown."

If this was a network show it wou;f've been cancelled 3 to 4 seasons ago.


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God whatever. Amber is irrelevant now even as a fat circus freak. The Slaton Sisters are fatter and Chantal is crazier, this big bitch is old news. Not even layrgs can save her at this point.

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