Why I think Neoliberals and Democrats hatemonger and fearmonger Russia - The last third of Adam Curtis' The Trap, I want to ask Kiwi Farms about Russia in the 90s

Are we in the 2020s going to undergo what the Russians underwent in the 1990s?

  • Shock Therapy is coming after COVID, the result will be an American Putin like before.

  • Only collapse is coming, the result will be mostly local economies & currencies in the West.

  • There are no possibilities of political disaster lurking in the west today.

  • The 2020s will see a falling away of elite institutions and higher social mobility.

  • There will be no stopping the rise of a new international western elite, social mobility will die.

  • Anarcho-Capitalism is the West's only hope; the market not politics will give us what we want.

  • Anarcho-Communism is the West's only hope; politics not the markets will give us what we want.

  • Better to be ruled by an American Antipope at this point, let God do with us what he wills.

  • China will grow larger, Our people will be safer, and China will be generous.

  • Let the cockroaches inherit the earth, we should all get what we fucking deserve. America diruta est

  • Neither Hyperinflation nor Police Strikes will shake the fattened American awake, flee the total end

  • Balkanization now to avoid the horror, or civil war will result. Mississippi Basin Monarchism rises!

  • America First and Cat-boy Catholics will end what surely must be Israel's Plot

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I think they so it because there's really only 2 credible threats to the US and it's hegemony. China and Russia.

One of these threats is viewed as "exciting new markets" and is actively trying to buy or bribe it's way to the top. No points for guessing which one does this, but I'll give you a hint, the other one is Russia.

So since they are in bed with one foreign power that only leaves one credible threat to fearmonger about, because if you look too closely at the other you might actually see some stuff the powers that be don't want you to see.

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Say what you want about 1990s Russia, but at least Russian TV and mainstream media didn't blame video games for everything. You could at least numb the pain somewhat with a Famiclone, be it a Dendy, Subor, Lifa or many others, playing those bootleg offically licensed by Steepler Mario sequels beyond SMB3 or a 9999-in-1 multicart without being made fun of by the mainstream media, or blamed for school shootings. In fact, on TV you had "Dendy Новая Реальность" (Dendy the New Reality) which promoted gaming as being based. Who cares if they accused Joe&Mac being the bootleg and Mario 16 the original game.


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Oh, right, that. Why would anyone fear (or be deeply concerned over, to be more correct) an economically unstable country able to blow up half the planet?

I mean, it's not like there's a precedent of countries starting wars to distract their populations. Next you'll be telling me Argentina tried to retake the Falklands.
this thread is about Russia, not America

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The oligarchs never left, putin simply changed them for loyal oligarchs who followed orders and paid him tribute

Everybody knows that bald manlet has billions in banks overseas
I disagree. I think it worked out exactly as the think tanks intended. None of that was ever supposed to help the russian people.
Who could have actually believe that a bunch of reagan-era neocons and neolibs who had to deal with commie bullshit for most of their lives were simply going to forget that and help their former enemies?

If anything russians fucked up by not hiring their own advisors. I think gorbachev had the right idea trying to copy sweden's economic system, except he wanted to do that while keeping the commie state apparatus that kept him and his friends as an hereditary royalty in everything but name and the police state that kept the entire population and non russian countries under his control
So you think it was planned until December 31st 1999, when Yeltsin unexpectedly resigned and, according to the Constitution of Russia, Putin became Acting President of the Russian Federation? When do you think the plan went awry or is Putin one of the elite?
It failed because they got too greedy allowing somebody like putin to get any power. Given how fucked russians were in the late 80s any improvement would've been an improvement but everybody involved in the reforms got into the feeding frenzy, nobody wanted to be left out of the new billionaires club. Is not the different than what happened in china where a bunch of CCP officials and their kids became overnight billionaires, the difference being that china kept the police state intact to keep the masses from rebelling, see tiannamen square
Oh, right, that. Why would anyone fear (or be deeply concerned over, to be more correct) an economically unstable country able to blow up half the planet?
I would be more concerned about the borderline-natsoc country literally taking over the world right now, which also has a bunch of nukes

Economic power always triumphs military power, is the same reason why the spanish empire went into a death spiral while the british surpassed them

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