• The End of Proving Grounds: (Thread) (Update) (Last Call in PG)
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spinnage sodiums
  • needs to do grocery shopping for a "friends moment"
  • in a weird, funky mood
  • went to Kroger, not going to show us the food
  • now she can put away groceries and cook without sitteen
  • she wants to put away groceries WITH THE QUICKNESS
  • got a bunch of vegetables and brown rice, healthy frozen dinners, but she will not show us though
  • for the little situation: fruit tray, vegetable tray, chips and dip, Beggy is making pizza rolls
  • got more Christmas presents in the mail, got a tripod (the wrong one, wanted a handheld tripod)
  • she "done-did opened all of the packageen"
  • she has a macbook PRO, three chargers broke already
  • got a children's Christmas colouring book
  • bought a purse for a friend
  • got something for herself, a purse backpack (omfg I can only imagine what it would look like on her)
  • making fresh salmon for the first time ever
  • puts Pam spray on tin foil
  • she is so proud she bought fish from the store
  • she is scared to touch the salmon (so Becky tops then)
  • adds a metric fuckton of garlic salt, onion powder, black pepper, a fucking fish died for this
  • puts Pam spray on top of the fish
  • she is confused that she likes fresh fish
  • watched the Grudge 2, Beggy looks checked the fuck out
  • did not vlog any of the partee
  • scratched her sclera because she is allergic to her cats
  • eating pasta after fasting for 20 hours
  • wants to show us a bite of her pasta because she thinks it is satisfying
  • more feeder fodder
  • Amberlynn wants to eat three meals a day "to feel satiated"
  • Amberlynn is scared of thawing chicken
  • She interrogates Beggy
  • This video is giving me Krystle era vibes because of how forced it is
  • Beggy looks sedated
    • something about off brand rice, she plays dumb
    • something about Gordon Ramsay ads, she plays dumb
    • "why don't you do a weigh in to prove you are losing weight?" -- she does not want to weigh in anymore, losing three pounds for her is not an accomplishment, it is a bowel movement
    • Amber, you are a makeup hoarder because you rarely wear it -- blah blah blah, the hambeast is making false comparisons again
    • "less funny, just a fatty" FUCKING LOL
    • her laundry pile is bigger than pillow mountain
    • go vegan
    • where are your cats?
    • "100% CORRECT or I have a donkey up my ass"
    • "those eggs look so good" -- ayyygs make me nauseous
    • "does anyone else click on her videos just to dislike it?" -- I ignore the ratio boo boo
    • "each X is another 100lbs"
    • you need an eye test (diabetic retinopathy is a bitch, look it up)
    • she can walk longer than two minutes you guisssssse
    • all you do in your life is rest lol -- ummmmm, you are so wrong haydur


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LOL she sounds like she's going to cry while she's trying to eat the salmon. She shows just the skin remaining but I don't know if I believe she actually ate it all.

EDIT: She seems very off in this video, like she's on drugs, especially at the part where she's sitting at the table with Becky. Did Becky get her stoned?
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That $30 purse backpack she bought for herself is a pathetic Louis Vuitton knock off. It’s definitely not worth $30 and probably smells like death and chemicals (so like nothing to Hamber!).

View attachment 1023538
Knockoff LV monogram jfc

WHAT is she thinking? The last time this style of bag was popular, Amberlynn's parents had custody of her

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