like a monster truck in the nightlife
I think she’s actually well over 600. Just the gain between August and November is uh, massive. She was obviously gaining before, and is obviously gaining now.

The holidays are prime fattening times and she’ll balloon even more as she films videos where she bawls and declares she’ll do better next year. Same shit, different year.


yall thinking she' desperately trying to lose weight to fool us... She aint losing shit.

Her plan is to just say she's losing weight, despite obvious visual evidence to the opposite and figure we eventually just forget about her weight completely. As long as she says she's losing weight, that must be whats happening because that's what she said. Because her intelligence barely developed beyond the state of a toddler.

I also agree that while she probably got a big "YOU GONNA DIE" scare from the doctors at the ER, like every time she sees a medical professional, it will have no long term effects. Going by toddler logic she gets really scared for a minute but then nothing bad happens for a week or so and her incredibly short term memory forgets the scare and everything goes back to business as usual like nothing happened in the first place. Amber has no concept of long-term cause and effect. If she's not in pain RIGHT NOW then everything is fine.

Billie Ross

The last time she lost weight she admitted that it only happened because muh lymphadema was terrifying her. So even if she is losing weight--and it really doesn't look like she is but who knows--it's only because she's once again terrified of something else health related (or lymphadema, again)
Since Dana and Dustyn are back she's been out everyday "grabbing a bite to eat", going to the pizza buffet arcade 3 days in a row, having get together with a bunch of food, Halloween party with enough food to feed a family for a month and eating out the next day, when sick, had take away food everyday, Chinese buffet and NOW want people to believe she is losing a lot of weight for eating a few crap "home made" meals???
The Beast is past 600lbs easily and the Holidays just started....

Sure Thing Idiot

I like when she dumps the onion powder on the salmon a dust storm rolls up like a helicopter landing in the Sahara desert. It's one of the easiest types of fish on earth it has so much natural flavor you can literally put it in the oven naked and it will still taste pretty nice. I want someone out there to make a cooking compilation video of every single food this woman has managed to absolutely fucking descimate in her career.. she gives Jack Scalfani a run for his money would you rather eat Jack's wasabi mashed potato barf or Amber's desert salmon that tastes of grit and sweat


My dog and I talk shit about you
I have a feeling she will blame the lymphedema, whether she admits to topping 600 or not. Also, whatever scare she got at the ER is now moot, imo, because she has already had time to discount that dx using her mental gymnastics that made her deny having cellulitis and circulation issues after previous ER and doctor visits. She just changes the story and gaslights when she faces the truth about her health.


Andy Ngo's #1 fan
She's also too stupid to figure out how to withdraw that much cash from the bank.
Amberlynn is really a fine example of what modern capitalism can do. Can't count up to the number of pounds she weighs, probably doesn't even know how much money she has at any given moment because she pulls in thousands of dollars without doing anything and only ever buys dollar store crap.


But amber we just went to McDonald's
The comment about gaining 100 lbs with each X was misinterpreted by Amber. She thought they were talking about dress sizes. I believe they meant X girlfriends. Did you notice the Chantal SHHH at about 3:30?
Oh my god. I'm so glad you said that because I had no fucking clue what she was talking about. She is so stupid it hurts my soul

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