why is every rapping artist little?

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Apr 17, 2020
(Pictured: a selection of little rappists. there are thousands and thousands more just like this)

I have noticed that every rapping artist seems to be little. Why? There are some big ones, but I have noticed that those are all obese, and I believe if they weren't they would be little. the vast majority are little. One of them is even named "little baby". I have never seen a famous rapping artist in person, so I have never inspected or studied their features to look for irregularities from the average person. Can someone who has please explain this to me? what causes most rappists to be little?


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Sep 26, 2019

Spotify now features over 8,000 artists with “Lil’” or “Lil” at the beginning of their name

This article is from 2018.

And sadly, some kid with 8 followers already took Lil Piss: https://soundcloud.com/suckitfuckit