Why is everybody here so rude? -

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yeah this is why i'm kind of scared to even talk back to some of these people
Yeah, I know we can be a little scary at first, but we're actually really nice guys once you get to know us and once we get to know you.
the drama with dissociadid and teampinata
I have literally never heard of either of these people before.

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It's a test if you can't take the banter you don't belong on the site if you however can return it people will like you. All types are on the farms you just have to learn where people that think like you congregate and except that a majority of us here like to prod each other in a way that's impossible anywhere else.
but i heard they can also find out your ip address, is this not doable on this website?
only the site admin @Null can see your ip address
that said, there have been hacks against this site in the past, which resulted in a bunch of user ip addresses being made public. a raw IP address isn't enough to actually identify somebody on the internet, but if you want to be super safe then you should use a VPN or the Tor browser to browse this site, that way not even the site itself will know your real IP, so even if the site gets hacked again the only thing the hacker will see is the IP of some VPN server in switzerland, or the IP of a random Tor exit node.


Plz dox thumb
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@mqoznwuhd welcome to the farms have fun and stay safe. Here's some tips