Why is everybody here so rude? -

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I say that is the culture of the Kiwi Farms, which is an offshoot of 4chan.

While yes, the people here sometimes take things too far (even A-Logging, a times), the Farms have a culture of being directly honest... even blunt.

(The spoiler below me is very gross porn.)
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Bugger you, Null!!

Here I was all set to respond "BECAUSE NIGGERS!!!!" to the OP, only to find that not only was I ninja'd by nearly 3 months it's the fucking Ooperater himself who ninja'd my ass. Do you think this kind of spontanous wit comes easily or often to me?? IT DOES NOT! FUCK YOU!! GOOD DAY SIR!!!

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Is OP serious? We're rude because we have no life and love to judge people while we silently cry into the abyss that is our worthless lives. Even then why should we care? The site's made toe ridicule and mock anyone who's lol worthy. If you don't like it, don't bother beign here and leave.

Speak for yourself. I’m only here because i’m a massive asshole and that’s frowned upon in real life for some reason


Because we can say what we want about other people without being screeched at for not having the majority opinion and that feels great especially considering the state of twitter now


i already said i was just curious about how this site works since it seems like people can say just about anything and get away with it
Obviously the site owner allows it and considers it funny. Using "mean words" isn't illegal either, but that should be obvious.

I personally only come here to check on cows like Russell Greer (who made a name for himself with his bogus lawsuits and e-harassment of women on social media), and I'm not bored enough to pay meticulous attention to what "words" other people use.

(And for what it's worth, the majority of communication isn't "what is said" so much as "how it is said" - just thought I'd drop that bit of trivia for ya).


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