Why is the Western Europe/US are obsessed with homosexuals and rights for gays? - (kind of a serious question but I don't expect an answer)

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Vince McMahon

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Jul 17, 2019
I'm an Eastern European. I don't really want for all the gays, lesbians or whatever to drop off the face of the earth. But the way I see and read and hear the crazy "activists" for gay right are doing shit and those pride parades, all that makes me wanna vomit.
Why? Do they actually consider what they do noble and worth defending?
American here. Queers have more rights here than they used to, but there's still a vocal group of people who want them off the planet, and a lot of the really loud pro-queer activism emerged in response to that.


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Oct 17, 2020
You cannot openly disagree too much or you risk getting doxed, fired, or even in some places getting arrested.
Just look at what they did to the Mozilla/Brave guy for supporting traditional marriage or the FNAF guy.
The only space free from cancel culture and persecution is the polling station.
If you legally can, vote!
Go inside with a smile, have your papers ready, vote, and if you think you would get canceled over posting on Facebook which candidate you supported, don't post.
I've only ever told like 2 people who I voted for, the rest either gets no answer, or an answer that isn't true.
The fact that I voted in every election is the reason I can sleep at night.

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Dec 21, 2019
Because sexual liberation is not a threat to the ruling class. It's a wedge issue the ruling class using to make war on the people. The LGB won their rights several decades ago, and the only way they could actually improve their situation without going full social justice would be to integrate and stop being degenerates.

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Jun 9, 2021
I’ve been an activist myself for a while in high school and I’m still in contact with some old friends. My “insider experience” is that a lot of straight people are into that kind of activism because it’s essentially very easy to do: you don’t need to do a lot of ideological work, it’s superficially cool and the risk level is 0. It’s easy to slip into it because it can evolve into a lifestyle.
You also have to take into account that we come from decades of Hollywood movies who sold everyone a certain idea of the world.


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Nov 5, 2018
I live in the US and, us LGBTQ+ people have been beat and slaughtered just for simply loving the same gender. Straights have multiple privileges and don't have to walk the streets in fear of getting hate crimed (dunno if I spelt that right), the history of what has been done to us is terrible. We have many rights but I suppose people aren't satisfied and want to be equal with heterosexuals.
What sort of a masochistic fetish made you post this on Kiwifarms? I mean, I am going to entertain the idea of dropping you the negative rating you want so badly, but, why?

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Jan 30, 2021
Politicians are essentially useless, life tends to go on whether or not they exist so there are two ways in representative democracy that's meant to be ruled by the majority is to stand out and get votes
1) create tax breaks for their donors & voting blocks
2) emphasize a popular minority position to projecy their own virtue
Originally this was how close to god you were, then it was women's rights and now its fags & troons. Expect it to swing back to Jesus at some point in the next decade or so.