Why is there so much vitriol towards the farms?

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Jan 29, 2021
There's two people who hate the farms:
1. People we have threads on who hate us for documenting their retardation and making fun of them for it on a platform they can't tell on us to get us banned.

2. People who have heard the farms have legitimately and seriously harassed people to suicide and to not even go check and make sure that actually even happened because if you do then they can get you too. Essentially, to this group we are a combo of a boogeyman and Slenderman.


Aug 16, 2020
Anons on 4chan probably hate it for the same reasons they pretend to hate most other places.
  • Need an account to participate
  • Not anonymous (due to account somehow)
  • Seems less chaotic and therefore less fun
There's also an updoot system which, thanks to reddit, people love to hate and I understand that one. None of these points are valid, it's just people not wanting to participate because it's not their community, even though there is a lot of overlap.

Then a lot of anons can be lumped in with Twitter since 4chan has a ton of trannies and the like now and they're unstable retards who screech at everything that doesn't bow down to them. They assume all of the lies they read in passing are the truth and have a misunderstanding of what the place is because instead of just taking a look, they ask people on 4chan/social media and get told all sorts of things.

In case any anons read this, you're not anonymous on 4chan, not in the way it matters.
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Jul 25, 2021
It seems like, despite this place by and large having no alliances to any political or social values, it garners hatred from all sides. This place is far too benign to warrant so much animosity from all sides, yet here we here.

After thinking about it for a while, I believe it is this site's neutrality that causes the hate. The fact that there are no sacred cows is an affront to everyone it seems. A very large majority of people seemingly have something (or someone more like) they think is above mockery. I think that is what draws so much ire.

One is not allowed to waft above it all, looking down laughing at and mocking all the oh-so-sincere-and=serious tumult and teapot tempests of left and right, as if we farmers know that when it comes down to it:

"Nothing matters very much--and few things matter at all."*

If one things pisses the "warriors" off more than resistance, it is mockery built on a foundation of indifference. You're not allowed to simply NOT CARE.

Just one opinion, of course.

*Arthur Balfour, British WWI era prime minister and philosopher


Jan 2, 2021
There are some very spiteful hate-fueled people as you may find on certain incel forums. The users make a community. If everyone was loving and kind then how could it be disliked?

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May 21, 2020
After joining in from lurking this site in late 2019 then made an account. I've started to get why sites such as Twitter ,Reddit, Tumblr,IP2 Community,4chan,& ETC hate us so much is simply because...
  • They have no power here. They can't angrily stomp to the site admins and demand shit get taken down over their mental illness or whatever bullshit post they have to say.
  • The farms generally don't give a flying fuck about their gender wokeness and how we always choose to dox and harass folks. which is total bullshit btw since I can gauran-fucking-tee twitter has the highest killstreak than both chans and kiwifarms combined Which also pissess off the edgy A-logs since we have a "no-trolling rule" that'll get them ridicule to high hell should they attempt to start a personal army.
  • It's basically a site where we can have our own opinions without mods locking threads because "muh fwees fwees" or getting a thread prune and deleted because a janny was having a shit day, then decided to remove a thread that had an interesting discussion without letting it reach the thread limit.
  • We actually show empathy unlike sites such as Twitter or Reddit, EX:Not doxxing and harassing a person to the point where they're mentally fucked up or completely jobless all because the person has a different political opinion than others.

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May 21, 2021
I think it’s a combination of things. First, it’s not ‘nice’, in that saccharine, superficial, way that’s so prevalent on social media. Second, groups that normally rack up the pity points are pointed and laughed at. Thirdly, most haters have never been here. Even the few who have just skim through, see a lot of naughty words and piss taking, then let the biases they walked in with form their opinion,
Anybody curious, open-minded and thick skinned finds a mixed bag that has something for everyone, is generally very friendly and allows no holds barred discussion of interesting topics and people. I don’t think the Farms reputation really squares up to the reality. This place isn’t a pit, it’s an oasis.

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Mar 2, 2021
This site demands a certain level of understanding when it comes to responsibility in order to use. A lot of people rather wish that didn't exist. They don't want to acknowledge that there are certain things that they can't undo and that certain actions have permanent consequences. They've become too coddled by having websites take things down that they don't like or things that they regret doing.

Kiwifarms does none of that and that's why they hate it. This site is essentially the child from the Emperor's new clothes, except everyone pretends to look in disgust at the kid for daring to point out what they know inside to be true. Everyone knows the emperor's not wearing any clothes they just don't want to admit it.