Why is there so much vitriol towards the farms?

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Mar 25, 2021
The farms can cause people to stress, because it makes people challenge their opinions they had previously thought were set in stone. I’ve seen many people not know the depths of the tranny community until they came here. I think another part of it is they see too much of themselves in some of these cows. This site attracts people from all corners of the internet, since quite frankly it really is the only place I feel a person can speak their mind without being judged. I mean Kiwis are the harshest judges to face, but it’s also the only place you can really talk about things everywhere else is to scared to.
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Oct 2, 2020
Communists cant handle criticism.
Communists arent even capable of basic deductive reasoning and science.
Have you ever seen a communist have fair uncensored discussion and show/prove something?
No. Thats not possible because political beliefs are as far from science as you can get and cannot be proven.
The moment you want someone censored means you lost the argument.
Politics isn't about arguments, never has been. It's about power and the ability to move people to action (and in modern times, dull people into being incapable of reaction). It's about cultural organisms clashing, about subversion and theater. The moment you think politics, in even the tiniest way, is about arguments, you've lost.


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Mar 9, 2015
It's very simple the net is a hug box anymore. We tell the truth. We aren't politically correct. We strive off edgy human but at the end of the day why we really are hated we are honest. We cite the crazy we laugh at it and we log off.

I'm lucky enough to know a few kiwis and that's another thing that burns them, we are bored and play online. Most of us are happy successful people.

Truth hurts, we are the hurt box of the net.


May 2, 2021
This thread is full of random unrelated bullshit already, so I thought I'd write down why people actually hate the farms.

1. Doxing is probably the number one reason that people hate the farms, it's seen as particularly obsessive and I have seen a Youtuber get doxxed because he made a shitty video with bad research. When popular conservatives or freedom of speech advocates won't support the farms because of doxing, you know your website takes it too far. Everyone supports freedom of speech until they get a Kiwi farms thread.

2. The people on this website are extremely obsessive to the point of mental illness where I regularly disagree with half the posts in thread because they're so autistic. People have criticised Boogie for not seeing a t rex skeleton in his life, it just comes down to the smallest slight of the individual person. It's also convenient how often how much the topic person matches the posters, for example there is a lot of ex heroin users in a thread about a junkie.

3. The forum owner allowed paedophilia on one of his websites because he was so desperate to get viewers on it. On any other op summary that would be a clickbait point against him, but everyone loves to suck Null's dick on this website. People have the most hypocritical morals on this website and it mostly serves as a way of projection.

4. This is more for the /pol/itical part of the board but this place is a hugbox just as much as any liberal twitter account, full of the most generic conservative agreeable talking points. I get it, we all have political narcissism to a certain degree, but this part of the board is ridiculous. Already in this thread we have someone saying it's "communists" who hate the farms and while I agree communists would probably hate the farms, so would your traditional catholic conservatives. Everything needs to be an convenient epic win moment about the people you hate.

5. Absolute faggotry like the above comment.