Why isn't a hamburger called a 'beef burger'


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Apr 15, 2021
If you use a turkey patty, its a turkey burger. If you're using buffalo its a buffalo burger. So and so forth. But if you throw beef on there its suddenly a ham burger

But if you put cheese on your """""""""""ham""""""""""burger its now a "cheeseburger" implying its nothing but buns and cheese with no meat

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Solid Snek

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Jul 11, 2020
fuck them, call it a beef burger for consistency
As other users have pointed out, hamburger (or just burger for short) is not a "ham burger", but rather a cut of beef that originated in the city of Hamburg. The words "hamburger" and "burger" naturally imply beef; therefor, calling something a "beef burger" is redundant. You'd basically be calling it a beef beef.

Billy Beer

Apr 23, 2021
It's a cut of meat between bread invented in Hamburg. America originally called it the Hamburg-er, as in, the one from Hamburg.

The name changed during the war, as a middle-finger to Gerry - Much like how French Fries became American freedom fries. And just like the fry name change, it didn't catch on so it was kept as the hamburger.