Why KF isn't invite only yet? - Build the wall to keep troons out

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Terry Davis' inner voice
Jan 25, 2020
I'll summarize this in few points

KF has a healthy number of users, shortage of dedicated jannies, influx of eternal September style refugees and newfags that shit up the post

Absolutely anyone can pop a burner account and post illegal shit that would threaten KF with a terror act threat.

No post sockpuppet accounts that contribute absolutely nothing and just clutter the whole site.

Troon subversion, furfags, Gayops subversion, topic astroturfing and subtle insertion of political correctness.

Low quality threads and posts and personal vendettas.
This has been a thing here and on ED, where a butthurt twa starts a unfunny thread in attempt to get a personal army

Would it be possible to turn into refer only forum already?


woman respecter
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Oct 19, 2019
Valuing old posters over new posters is a disgusting form of elitism for people with nothing better to be proud of in their lives.

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