Opinion Why Trump Voters Stick With Him - An imagined conversation with Flyover Man.

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Some of the smarmier Twitter responses to this article, from those who have totally known flyover people and have totally lived in red/flyover states:

I just realised that in clown world it's the left who think all those poors want to be poor *yawn*


Hell is real and we live in it.
David Brooks is a piece-of-shit-faggot jew and an imbecile. Mr. Brooks believes you must have a graduate degree from Harvard to recognize sopressata sausage (unless you are a mouth-breathing guinea in which case he will despise you nonetheless).

Better now?
Yes much better. As you know we accept nothing short of literary excellency here at KiwiFarms

Honest Coyote

Acme multilevel marketing representative
I like this article, but not for the reasons Brook wanted. The liberal urbanite is doing the thing where he detaches himself from the conversation so he can't be wrong. That way even if Flyover Man wins, it doesn't mean anything.

You know the attitude: "Oh, you have rebuttals that I can't use sassy one-liners to dismiss? I'll just pretend it's beneath me to address them."

Makes me want to write a "modest proposal" satire piece called "Burn the Heartland and Everyone In It"
Satire has to exceed real life. Bob Chipman is one mountain dew shortage from writting that piece sincerely.


So why do they assume that anyone who voted for Trump is in a flyover state? Except in rare coastal/border cases, you can drive two hours from any big city in the U.S. and be in a red county.

Case in point, New York state 2016:


Or, you know, just the whole country:


To answer your question though: they're narcissistic, intellectually dishonest, and intellectually lazy.


Sworn Brother of the Cult of Browning
Maybe I'm being exceptionally :optimistic:, but this guy seems, perhaps accidentally, like he almost gets it. Underneath all his elitism and condescension and stereotyping, he does seem to grasp two basic points - Trump has supporters because he claims to actually be trying to help people and help the country, and that the democrats and the media are fucking up their own chances by embracing TDS and identify politics full-steam.

Which, of course, is probably why the left is condemning him for being too forgiving and too nice. He's willing to acknowledge his own party's failings and contribution to the current state of affairs, and that is verboten in the current narrative.

But, I mean, I think in real life this guy and I could actually have a conversation. We may never agree, but I think we could have a conversation. That's more than I can say for most leftists today. In retrospect, even if his stereotyping annoys me, I'm not going to give this guy a hard time. I would rather have more of him than not on the other side, if I had my druthers.


serial #3370318
Some of the smarmier Twitter responses to this article, from those who have totally known flyover people and have totally lived in red/flyover states:

I never knew moviebob had alternate twitter accounts.

The Final Troondown

We're All Suberogatory Down Here
it's more like

U.G: Trump should be impeached because he violates the duties of his position
F.M: Trump should be impeached because he dosen't kill enough nigs or women
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Freddy Freaker

Herald of the Superior Future
So why do they assume that anyone who voted for Trump is in a flyover state? Except in rare coastal/border cases, you can drive two hours from any big city in the U.S. and be in a red county.
It was especially obvious by me. Cuyahoga county was Hillary signs everywhere, go into downtown Cleveland and you'd also see some Bernie and Jill Stein. 15 minutes east of me in Lake county and it was MAGA country.
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So as some one who was a republican activist and is a Never Trump Republican who because of the current craziness is on the fence about Trump in 2020 I get a kick out of this.

#1 "Im peach Ments"

There are several cases you could make that could justify impeachment of Donald Trump. Democrats however are not going to make any of those cases. BECAUSE they want to abuse power in the same way that President Trump is abusing power right now.

So "Trump asked another country to investigate a rival candidate....you know like we did in 2016." that is not a good case.

If Democrats were making an effort to carve back the corruption in the system [like they were in the 1970s] I think you could chissel into trumps base. But they are greedy clowns who get what they deserve.

#2 "That Guy/Gal Volunteer"

When you work at the foot soldier political staffer there is always THAT volunteer

They work like a BEAST
They Donate (if rich) like a beast
They do small scale fundraisers like a beast

They are the beating heart of the local office....and they are absolutely ignorant of how politics and policies work. They are often the ones who repeat dumb conspiracy theory stuff [or who are nutjobs like Larouche movement folks]

You bite your lip , laugh and pat them on the head because you want to win the street fight and you need them.

Trump is 100% one of those people. (Albeit a little bit smarter)

The problem is Donald doesnt understand some of these smarter esoteric issues fully so he says and impliments them poorly and it poisons the well for these reforms for a generation. I will say he has done slightly better then 50% on his handling of those issues......

My problem with Trump is he is damaging ideas that need to be discussed.

#3 Vigorous Republicanism

The Civic Nationalism which was a core component of the republican brand that other people were phonies at trump has coursing through his veins.

Trump is a vigorous republican and won't take a bad deal and would rather take no deal [damn the torpedoes]

Since Richard Nixon we were told "Wait...you'll get what you want"

The right conditions occurred that these groups of people who were being tired of given token gestures by the party got one of their own in power. If Nixon, Ford, Reagan (though he was better on this point), Bush I, and Bush II (though he has been better on that)

Mitt Romney tried and failed to do this and so he has since rejected these people
McCain rejected these people and he them
Dole Rejected these people [but pretended he didnt] and they him.

If you want a Republican Party thats willing to serve up Trump you need a Trump who isnt defending their values ((see my point #1)) and the next Obama we get needs to be less of a "Its my way or the high way bitched"

The consequences of Obama is republicans arent going to abandoned Trump because they know Dems wont give them anything and their own voters will serve them up

#4) Incentives matter

Their are serious and substantive systemic issues. Issues that not only have a 50%+1 majority....but a Bipartisan 50%+1 majority. Neither party is chasing that coalition down and trying to build a better party. They have (since the late 60s) been building a system of grievance and anger into the dna of the politics. And training people to be consumers "Economy good...keep the person in power." (which has been a meme since the Depression)

And we have trained politicians that thoughtful policy lambs will get swallowed by dumb politics wolves and they in turn act accordingly.

If you want to have republicans support or be neutral on impeachment you need to change the incentives of American politics. But that requires BOTH parties to look into a mirror AND turn a mirror on the voters (and donors)

its much easier to feed troll politics
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