Opinion Why Trump Voters Stick With Him - An imagined conversation with Flyover Man.

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Jet Fuel Johnny

Full Metal Sperg
True & Honest Fan
As soon as I saw the "Naw, shucks, I ain't down with no readin', so I didn't read that there transcript thingymabobber ya talkin' 'bout, cause me and mine, we ain't much on the readin'" swipe with his imaginary FM friend saying he didn't read the transcript, I knew this was going to be a bunch of condescending and outright lying bullshit.

It also is kind of funny that this motherfucker is so fragile he has to make up an imaginary friend.


Is it Morning Yet?
Trust me, liberals in urban areas think the suburbs an hour out of town count as "flyover country".
Actually, to them, the suburbs are the "Country", it's the part BEYOND that that counts as "Flyover" And they know so little about it, it's marked on their mental maps with the dragons and sea creatures that 15th Century cartographers drew, except they're wearing MAGA hats and wielding guns.

Alec Benson Leary

Creator of Asperchu
Christorical Figure
Sure, but that isn't really the point I'm arguing against. It's the false notion these people have that the only places where people voted Trump are the states where he won, when in reality, pretty much every state in the country has plenty of red counties.
It's not even just red counties. I live in a typical blue oasis city, but if you're having conversations with strangers in a bar and you make it clearly known you don't hate Trump voters and won't pitch a tantrum at them, it's quite common that some of those strangers will admit their Trump support to you.

Conversely, try telling a typical prog lefty that you were chatting with some Trump voters the other day at a place just down the block. More than once I've heard some variation of "you can't be serious", as if the very idea that Trump voters existed within 50 miles of them was inconceivable because if it were true the good folk would all be dying of radiation sickness or something.

Coleman Francis

True & Honest Fan
I drove through the flyover states to get to NYC and now i wished I had stayed in one, either in North Texas or Oklahoma. The Longhorn steaks alone are worth it not to mention everyone is polite, pleasant and loves their gunz. Mind you I wasn't anywhere near Okie City or Tulsa, places everyone told me to steer clear of.

The entire trip was worth it, the Southern US is beautiful and full of historical sites. Driving through the mountains in Tennessee was incredible. I'd do it again if I could.
There's a lot of jealousy oozing from articles like this and the rest of the garbage the MM pushes out because they lack the culture and vibrancy of the people and places they like to cry about. The east and west coast's culture has eroded to the point where they're merely the ultimate consumers. They're the suckers that corporate advertisers love because their self worth is measured in what brands they buy.

They've replaced their soul and what makes their communities unique for bland, corporately approved nonsense who's sole purpose is to squeeze money out of them. The so-called flyover states have an authenticity and diversity that even the biggest coastal cities lack. Just because you have immigrants and several nationalities in certain large cities, it's meaningless when every single one of them strives to fit in to whatever fads that popular culture dictates.

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