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do the A&H people tend to report hugbox breakers?
Why would I report a saltlick?
The left wants 100% of the public not being dicks, cannot suffer a single dick to live, and, will murder the 15% the right will leave alone before they'll see their dream utopia they are THIS close to come true, even if the rule of law, Constitution and all human individuality burns in the process... the ends justify the means.
The left is everything that they profess to hate about Christianity, weaponized against the soul of every man, woman and child on this Earth. They've grown tired of waiting for Heaven to come, so they've thrown off any limitation and decided we'll build it right now, whether you like it or not. They won't even allow you the chance to repent of your sins; they'll destroy you and create a monument to your ignominy for their adherents to spit on until the end of time.

Of course, there's no end to sins in their philosophy and more can be conjured up to condemn anybody who so much as chuckles at their preening and cavorting. Hell, they even have a multiplicity of Original Sins that depend on a person's heritage or race and which are, of course, immutable.

These are the people who profess to be the enlightened.

At least they're good for a laugh.
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"...Always degenerate into fascism"
As usual, commies need to make sure the revolution is perpetual. This is a big thing in the far left mindset. The revolutionary state of mind must be maintained, so there will always be reactionaries, running dogs and fascists. It's just the nature of the beast. America's guilty of it too, we have the "War" on drugs or terrorism. A perpetual war waged upon a concept.
Being in state of war ain't necessarily a bad thing due to the competitive nature of humans. Problem starts when such war are stupid. Also, revolution ain't always the same as war.

funny fact: Che Guevara believed in this mindset, that communists should be in constant state of revolution. That's why he got fed up with Fidel and the Russians (who he thought had become too bureaucratic) and decided to go to Bolivia to fight there and died.
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If they made me a mod and I was drunk/brain damaged enough to actually take the job I would, every so often, just threadban someone for a reason I completely made up. Or lock a budding thread I didn't actually care about. Not with any frequency or regularity, not against anyone high-profile, just once every couple of weeks I'd just ruin some autistic poster's day.
The lack of a pattern could make that funny, but more likely you will get a bunch of assblasted losers with names lifted from weird french action movies ;p

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Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if it's just buried like America's other moral panics.

Nobody talks about McCarthyism,the Satanic Panic or Freedom Fries after all.

As for SJWs I wouldn't be surprised if someone tries to whitewash them as "chill weirdos" like hippies in the 2030-40s.

They will romanticize it as natural growing pains of the global e-Village or something like that. It will probably be built around the idea that prior to ~2010 the internet wasn't much of a thing so nothing could be learned from that period and what they wrote/said/championed was just a single persons thoughts in a larger meeting of minds trying to figure this shit out and isn't that what freedom of speech on the internet was all about? So they dindu nuffin wrong.

And Gamergate have become their (((them))).

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