Why vegan junk food may be even worse for your health - "It can make quite a substantial difference in your life, whether your intelligence is one standard deviation above the mean or two."

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Chive Turkey

Aug 25, 2019
What is it with the stereotypical neckbeard and that diet anyway?
Betas falling for internet memes and fads and overcompensating, as has already been pointed out.
>muh manly big dick caveman diet will grant me test and gains and plentiful balls just by eating. Exercise? What's that?

Another factor is arrested development. You'll never see these faggots chowing down on livers, marrow and goats cheese, it's always the most highly processed, easily digestible and nutritionally poor variants of 'meat' and 'cheese' you can imagine. It's really just the diet of an autistic latchkey child extended into adulthood, with convoluted excuses to justify not developing a palate.

Nonconsentual Pronouns

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Jan 18, 2019
Women especially need to take B12 and iron supplements, even with a balanced diet. Ever wonder why we're all so cold all the time? It's not just the lack of testosterone, boys. The idea of getting those solely from artificial means and not getting several other nutrients as well is mildly disturbing.

I knew someone who had a family friend who's one of those insane new-age hippie bimbos who took it entirely too far, because his parents are insane hippies too. This woman looked anorexic due to being a vegan who only ate raw, unprocessed foods, and she very clearly wasn't going to live very long if she kept it up. Keep in mind that supplements are very much processed. The bitch got preggo with *twins* and never changed her diet. The twins were skinny preemies who were on life support for over a month after birth. Do you hear me? SKINNY. BABIES. Not just underweight- skinny. She made it clear that she had no intent to breastfeed, as that wasn't vegan. She's also the type of stubborn hippie who won't change her "all-natural" ways for anything or anyone. I would bet money that the twins are either dead, taken from her by force or one dead and one taken. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to find out that she's already dead herself.

Eat your fucking chikki nuggies, ladies.

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Feb 19, 2018
Pop tarts are vegan. This should have been obvious. At least eat some tasty noodle bowls if you are wanting vegan junk food. It'll be healthier and taste better.. The Annie Chun bowls aren't that far from the pop tarts in the store.
Ugh, Pop Tarts are gross.

Mad Asshatter

My other name was Maggot
Sep 25, 2019
Something I have wondered about vegans - would they ever use a product that had been developed through animal testing?
Hardcore vegans, no. Nothing that has had anything to do with what they would consider animal exploitation or abuse. No leather, no honey, no bugs (either eating them or anything derived from them, and so on. It depends on how hardcore they get, as sometimes, not even the diet is enough.

Edit: I had gotten some of this information from lurking on r/vegans. Interestingly enough, there is another vegan site on reddit, but it exists specifically for sane vegans to shit on the cringy antics of these ultracrunchy types, so in a way it's kind of cathartic. It's r/vegancirclejerk.
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May 12, 2020
Vegan food is basically poisonous.

To be a vegan you have to simultaneously believe humans have a divine intellect in order to be morally justified in not eating meat/animal products while justifying that it's actually a moral choice by equating humans with animals.

You have to hold both ideas that animals do not have the mental capacity for morality to choose their diet, and yet that animals are capable of experiencing same level of suffering as people. You have to go further and draw your lines of exploitation around animals exclusively, never mind you are exploiting the work of the bees and worms to grow your organic filth-apple.

You have to be perfectly comfortable with exploiting the labor of actual living humans, even, and necessarily so. The deeper you delve into this unnatural, synthetic, satanic, anti-nature cult, the more you come to realize just how sick it is. A fucking meat flavored tofu in the shape of a chicken breast, bean meat flavored burgers.

It's deception to the core.

Vinluv Handesbukia

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Dec 12, 2018
All natural GMOs