Why was JFK killed? -

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Based on what I've read, I'm leaning towards the commies killing him.
JFK was heavily against communism and Oswald was a member of the Communist Party.
The other shooters who were never found were other party members and they left him to be the scapegoat.
Maybe it was the government but commies are also a solid possibility.

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are you some sort of mexican?
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cause stephen king went back in time and killed oswald but then he came back to the present and there were earthquakes for some unexplained plot reasons so he had to go back to the past again and reset everything but then he danced with his 80 year old girlfriend so everything was ok even though he didn't actually change anything except he got all crippled up and older (this is a real book he wrote)

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In the past, I've heard from a guy that knows a guy that knew a guy that the JFK killing had ties to the Mafia/government connection shit. Might've been complete bullshit and it's been a whole while since I was told about this. I fucking wish I could remember the whole god damn story cause it was actually kinda in depth and interesting.

Did people ever find out what the actual fuck the deal with the weird shit in the footage was, or is that along with the potential second shooter, or just forever gonna be one of those mysteries without answers?


The Mafia and Jimmy Hoffa had a stake in it 100%.
But I also personally believe the commies and the baby Deep State pulled a lot of strings to get JFK out of the picture. Nigger was too cocky in more than one sense and untrustworthy as fuck. Fucker would have probably started WW3 just for the fuck of it.
I also think LHO knew what was going down and was part of the gun boys, though not the only one obviously. What the fucker may not have anticipated is that he'll be left holding balls, then holding lead in his heart with the word 'patsy' written all over his face.
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