WHY WON’T I WEIGHT IN? 4/12/19 - Spoiler: her car part scale is too small

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  • A walrus

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  • The Michelin Man

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  • She says that she’s been able to keep going because of all the support she’s been getting
  • Yesterday was her and Becky’s second anniversary
  • She’s been breaking out more because of the makeup she’s been wearing
  • She hasn’t been able weight herself because the scale she has isn’t wide enough to support her standing on it
  • She’s getting a new scale that’s wider
  • She’s been trying to make better choices
  • She’s embarrassed about the mukbangs she’s done in the past
  • She got some things from Torrid but promises it isn’t part of the cycle she’s seen online about her
  • The cardigans she got are thinner for spring and summer months
  • That’s about it. She rambles a lot
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The comments are already extremely asspatty. If she intends to change she needs to weigh in. We all know the 570 was and is a lie and that she way over committed to it. If she wants to run a weight loss channel she needs to have transparency and accountability with the audience, that goes beyond just putting a date on your videos and that means getting on the scale in front of everyone and weighing in. It would be much better to face the music and own up to the weight than to continue this charade.

Have to say Humblelynn is boring and I was hoping a refusal to weigh in would stoke more controversy.

More Torrid. Some things never change.
I'm planning Weight Loss Surgery but also spending big bucks buying cyoooot tarps in my current size. Right.


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Amber is claiming that this time is different than anything before; That she's not going to give into the "cycle." We'll see how true that is if we see at least a 25lbs weight loss. This new scale will speak the weight to us, and should be more tamper proof than the horrifying car part scale. Someone needs to draw a Gladiator Amberlynn fighting the binge monster at night.


The makeup was her explanation. To me, it’s her lack of hygiene and terrible diet that’s making her break out more.
Hmmm. I'm not so sure about that. Her diet and hygiene have always been really bad, there hasn't been any change there, but it is recently she started slapping makeup all over her face regularly.

Something that I am sure is connected to Rafe coming over more often. Rafe is always covered in makeup and the like, plus she has the nose ring too.

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