WHY WON’T I WEIGHT IN? 4/12/19 - Spoiler: her car part scale is too small

What two things does Big Al most resemble?

  • A blob

    Votes: 56 18.9%
  • A fat toddler

    Votes: 173 58.4%
  • A manatee

    Votes: 14 4.7%
  • A walrus

    Votes: 11 3.7%
  • The Michelin Man

    Votes: 63 21.3%
  • The Pillsbury Doughboy

    Votes: 31 10.5%
  • A whale

    Votes: 9 3.0%
  • Ursula from The Little Mermaid

    Votes: 41 13.9%
  • A beanbag

    Votes: 107 36.1%

  • Total voters

Concerned Vagino-American

Amberlynn's Pap smear... didn't go as planned
"Brave", "inspiring", "strong", "beautiful". "proud".....I can't, I just can't.
It's "brave" of AL to show her grotesque, deformed body on camera.
She's "inspiring" the world not to be like her in any way.
AL is "beautiful" on Opposite Day.
She can be "proud" she's not making money lying spread-eagled on her back being pumped full of hillbilly baby batter like her skank mother.

See, @marjoram?


resident shitlord
I really wish she would give up the whole " I have a eeeatuun disorder" because she fucking doesn't. She OVEREATS, that's not a disorder. That is just simply being a god damn glutton. If she did something with her life she wouldn't focus so much on food. Granted she is practically immobile, but even if she just made a commitment (tee hee) to getting off her shelf ass to get a glass of water, or that anything she eats she has to get up and make herself, she would probably not overeat as much.
I cant deal with these cows who just make excuses for sloth. Just call it what it is; you're a lazy cunt; people will respect you more for being "real and raw".
It is an eating disorder, it’s just not Binge Eating Disorder or whatever else she’s claiming. It’s a food addiction, since food is being used as an unearthly response to stress. This is why Dr. Now won’t take “I was soooo stressed out because of the move, so I kept eating!” as even a temporary excuse. We all have constant amounts of stress, but most people do not run to food every time something slightly shitty happens (and these things could be as simple as “I slept in the wrong position” or “it’s raining today and I wanted it to be sunny”. Most people cope with their disappointment with this by dealing with it. AL, and people like AL, cover it up with food).

So unsure if someone said this earlier in the thread as I’m not done reading, but I’m assuming this issue isn’t with the actual function of the scale. The scale should more than support her weight, even if she’s lying (she doesn’t look over 700 pounds). So I’m thinking that she cannot stand with her legs close enough together to utilize the scale, which would be perplexing. And it still won’t be a wake up call.


Screaming Hebrew Party
True & Honest Fan
Honestly, when I saw The Pillsbury Doughboy as an option for the poll, I immediately thought of the Stay Puft monster from Ghostbusters...

So, yeah, I voted for that.
How dare you, that sailor walked like TWENTY blocks unassisted.

My dream is that she somehow manages to lose thirty pounds, gets on her new scale to record and it says 570 and she either

-has to admit she lied about not being over 600 all this time

-lets people believe she didn’t lose any weight at all after working hard

-or tries to say “I must’ve weighed a lot more than I thought at the start, but I promise you I DID lose 30 pounds!” and no one believes her.


I don't see her buying anything other than cheap makeup so that combined with how poorly she treats her skin (those wipes probably dry out her face and they definitely don't properly clean her pores) would definitely explain it.
Yeah, those wipes are crap for getting everything off, and then the leftover gets crusted into your face and your pillow. I'm guessing the cheek that's breaking out the most is the one that goes again the pillow cover. The wipes are fine to start, but gorl needs to get some micellar etc to cleanse properly and start a skin care regime.

I think she is going to be very shocked when she does step on the new scale. I have my doubts that she'll actually show us. She'll probably stall for time. " It didn't arrive yet." or " I must have hit the wrong button when I ordered because it didn't go through, but I reordered it." or "It came defective so we (Becky) have to send it back."
I think this for sure. I think the only reason she agreed to a weigh in, even with the desperate clawing back of subscribers, is because she thought she'd been doing so well recently that it would get her to drop back down to the 570 she's already claimed to. Being :optimistic: and assuming she has been even kind of sticking to healthier habits and choices off camera (a big assumption I realise) she should be seeing a decent loss, so even if she can show 570 on the scale to 'prove' what she is saying, it will be very telling of how high she actually got.


She is a fat "it's raining men" weather girl ass liar. So she can have boxes of torrid parachutes delivered by the pallet, but she could not order a wider scale that she can hobble onto in all this time? They sell wide scales in Walmart but she could not be bothered to hoveround her hooves down that aisle on her way to the flaming cheetos?

That heifer is at least 625lbs. She knows it, we know it, and the foundation of that house knows it every time she takes a dainty step. If she can't clean her own ass, she should at least come clean about her girth. Old husky self.
Bitch, don’t bring The Weather Girls into this. At least they had talent.


Yeah, those wipes are crap for getting everything off, and then the leftover gets crusted into your face and your pillow. I'm guessing the cheek that's breaking out the most is the one that goes again the pillow cover. The wipes are fine to start, but gorl needs to get some micellar etc to cleanse properly and start a skin care regime.
Because I can only imagine how disgusting the pillow that touches her face must be, I'd suggest she also buy a new pillow and enough pillowcases that she can change them every other night, using one side per night. However long they go between loads of laundry, that's math for her to do.

Her face breaking out probably has nothing to do with her hygiene (I’m not good about washing my face and I don’t get craters) it most likely is showing how her diet is off camera.
It's both. Her zits turn in to craters because she picks at them.
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