Wiki not working -

I am new here and not sure how this site works but I followed the links and instructions and it says wiki is compromised and when I try to post in lolcows I can't I have a lolcow to post but no way of doing this and I am not sure why?

this person has made false claims against a footballer and is disliked by the football community and she posted fake health scare to raise money on social funding websites
I have photos I have links I have proof I have many things just not a platform to use


Well, honest answer here, first of all you should read this then if you have enough stuff post it in the proving grounds and see if it gets some attention. HOWEVER you do seem to have joined recently so I would HIGHLY suggest to lurk around for a bit, get to know the forum and all, Oh and try to compile stuff but not too much but more than just some random stuff, also the lolcow wiki isn't really used nowadays if I've understood it correctly. Again it was never something I really used as I joined kinda late but yeah that's a good start, also read this post too People are generally pretty friendly once you get to know them but it's a good guide to not make stupid mistakes.

Stay safe!

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