Careercow Wil Wheaton + Felicia Day - The "Man" who soy'd the World and the Fakest of Geek Girls, SJW sexual harassment fence-sitters

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  • Wil "Soyboy" Wheaton

  • Felicia "Crybaby" Day

  • That shotgun’s looking pretty good right about now...

  • Just shut the fuck up Wesley

  • Felicia blew me for this vote

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The Doctor Bashir guy
True & Honest Fan
Probably has to let it grow out occasionally to make it easier to dye, gotta get rid of the gray and keep pretending he's a vital twenty-something somehow.

The Littlest Shitlord

True & Honest Fan
While traipsing through his Tumblr, I found out that Wheaton has a homebrew spell named after him on DnD Beyond.

For those who don't have an account or don't care to read: basically you roll a 15 or higher or you're cursed for a minute to roll at disadvantage at all your rolls.
It should give you advantage on all your rolls, but you inexplicably fail anyway.

ProgKing of the North

I think what annoys me the most about Wheaton is that his piece on depression genuinely helped me. It had some sjw points that'd probably rub some kiwis the wrong way, but the basic premise of "I'm a rich famous dude and I suffer from depression, don't be ashamed of it" was legit inspiring the first time I read it. It kinda pisses me off that a dude who could be so insightful and helpful in one specific instance is otherwise just a douchey asshole.