Careercow Wil Wheaton + Felicia Day - The "Man" who soy'd the World and the Fakest of Geek Girls, SJW sexual harassment fence-sitters

Pick a side

  • Wil "Soyboy" Wheaton

  • Felicia "Crybaby" Day

  • That shotgun’s looking pretty good right about now...

  • Just shut the fuck up Wesley

  • Felicia blew me for this vote

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Waffle SS Untermenchenfurher
Felicia is apparently going to ride this "awkward geek girl" thing into the ground long after menopause. This looks fucking AWFUL, even by 'you go girl!', self-help drivel standards.

Jesus christ Felica. This is embarassing. Just sell your bathwater to thirsty beta incels like a normal e-whore.

fuck you @Waluigi_Galleani for beating me to that

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