Will A&H be deleted during the 2024 Election?


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Oct 20, 2018
>Complaining about A&H.

The Thunderdome is an intergral part of kiwifarms. Generally, it is informative and fun. The cool thing about it is that it isn't a hugbox for any side of an issue and your opinions are your own. It will continue onwards. I find 1/4th of the users that frequent A&H to have mostly shit takes, but even some of those I despise have opened my eyes to different viewpoints or changed my mind.

God Speed to the new tardwrangling jannies. @Secret Asshole, a storm be brewing always.

Slimy Time

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Mar 29, 2018
The people that whine about A&H are far more annoying than the people that they complain about.
Only ever hear about how much A&H sucks everytime it gets featured. It's an unmodable piece of shit that jannies try and mod, a completely pointless task worthy of Sisyphus.

Hot Cup of Joe

Apr 23, 2021
I don't get the hate boner for A&H. It's light hearted fun, laughing at stupid shit from around the world. The doom posting and anti-doom posting creates a lot of fun back and forth.

If any boards should be wiped from the site, it should be the high-school level gossip rags where a bunch of fat skanks and queers pass judgement on other fat skanks and queers, while lording over everyone how they aren't fat skanks and queers. Those posters take the internet and site too seriously.

Double lols for people on kiwi farms who censor or judge people for how they live. Irony level 11/10