Will the 2020s be better? -

Will the 2020s be a better decade than the 2010s?

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Dom Cruise

We have 3 months left to the 2010s, are you ready for the 2020s?

I sure am, with the hope that things will get better of course, I truly want to believe they will, of course I also fear the the 2020s will be woke culture/SJWism on steroids, one thing that's worrying is the direction the MCU seems to be taking, that they seem to be following the model of where Marvel comics are at, the idea of woke culture becoming increasingly common in big, mainstream Hollywood blockbusters seems to be the direction things are going in.

To be clear, nothing's going to change in 2020, the first year of a decade is always the finale of the prior one, but it remains to be seen just what might go on in 2021, things have a way of changing on a dime decade to decade, the one constant is change, no decade is exactly the same as the one before it, things always change.

So I'm optimistic, despite everything, one thing to remember is that people simply get bored, no mater how vehemently people may follow some trend as the years go on and on people simply desire something different, no matter what it is, toxic cultural trends can seem like they'll go on forever in the moment but history seems to show the opposite.

I'm not expecting the 2020s to be perfect of course, but I do have a feeling they will be an improvement.

Of course I could be wrong and after Trump's reelection America spirals into Civil War 2, but what do you think?
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Dom Cruise

>sees thread title. looks forward to intelligent debate as to geopolitical and environmental issues as well as domestic politics that could impact the freedoms we all depend upon...
>nothing but another fucking SJW pop culture thread...

Feel free to discuss anything you think about the 2020s.

Certainly I feel like one possible scenario is that the world will face more serious issues that will sideline SJW nonsense.

QI 541

No, you don't deserve a better society. Every single thing wrong with society right now can be traced back to something that the current underdogs of society have asked for in the past. Reap what you sow.


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I imagine at the least we'll see Conservatism enter the mainstream in America again by the mid-late 2020s since current trends indicate the younger Gens lean Right at least compared to the current Left.

I'm also expecting physical retail disks for movies and video games to be largely phased out by the end of the 2020s if current trends continue.

Possible new legislation regarding digital ownership if it continues to replace hard media.

Culture wise I'm expecting we'll see some kind of backlash against the current "Woke"/pro corporate culture and the decline of the superhero blockbuster.

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>sees thread title. looks forward to intelligent debate as to geopolitical and environmental issues as well as domestic politics that could impact the freedoms we all depend upon...
>nothing but another fucking SJW pop culture thread...

"Deep Thoughts" is sarcastic on this website. I remember a thread asking if people missed the 2000s, and the responses were a load of people waxing nostalgic over being a child and not having to deal with those dang dirty adult responsibilities. There was little attention given to the actual sociopolitical culture of that time.

My personal hope for the 2020s is that the term "SJW" gets retired. People in this thread are describing the threat of a socialist dictatorship, which is hard to take as a serious threat if it's primarily associated with Anita Sarkeesian rather than Fidel Castro. Also if anyone thinks "SJWs" were the primary social issue of the 2010s rather than immigration, climate change, and wealth inequality they're as hopelessly out of touch with the general public as Carl Benjamin.

Syaoran Li

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Things evolve, they don't magically change because the 10s dial on the date counter moves one position.
True, but @Dom Cruise did already mention that 2020 will likely just be a continuation of 2010's "Current Year" nonsense, especially with the election going on right now.

We most likely won't see any real signs of a cultural shift until 2021 or 2022,

I'm cautiously optimistic about the 2020's personally, especially once the 2020 Election is over and done with.

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This time it will be the Sperging 20s
You've heard of the Roaring 20s, now get ready for the REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEing 20s!

it'll probably get worse.

trump probably won't win 2020, which will guarantee a shitty start to the decade. technology will get even more invasive, media will get more woke, and china will get more powerful.
Trump won't win if the DNC can actually get it together, but they're going to disenfranchise a segment of their party (the progressives) if they go for someone more old guard-y again-- they'll lose extra if they have to force it in any way.