Will the "new normal" ever truly end?

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Galar Purge Survivor
May 13, 2019
The longer time goes on the harder it gets to believe we'll ever be free of this wanton tyranny. Lockdown after lockdown, brainwashing after brainwashing, it really is feeling like they'll never stop this virus regime hellhole they've dragged the entire planet under, or if they do it won't be until after they've sufficiently changed the sociopolitical landscape to the point where it's unrecognizable (i.e. The Great Reset scheme they've been brandishing out in the open as of late).

Syaoran Li

Born To Raise Hell
True & Honest Fan
Feb 19, 2017
Maybe, it's going to depend on how this election turns out.

If we get a Kamala Harris administration, then the hellscape New Normal will continue and get worse with no end in sight.

If Trump wins, there's a chance it might end in the early 2020's. It's all going to depend on if Trump can win in spite of the pandemic and the BLM coup, and then what happens after. At that point, it will depend on how the bigwigs react and whether or not Trump continues going after Critical Theory and intersectional leftism via executive order.


Time for a crusade
Sep 7, 2019
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normally I'd say don't plan on a fail state but I'll be honest I don't see it getting better from here on out