Will the Seattle Mcmansion being put on the market end all hostilities? -


What hostilities?
The kind that effect the ability to sell the house at top market value
Nobody tried to block the sale when Phil put the CT condo on the market so far as we know, so I doubt they would do it for the Serious Adult House either. Folks here/in Tevin's orbit either don't care enough to bring autistic Internet drama into real life or are too incompetent to get anyone to take them seriously.

All that being said, Phil's godawful job of maintenance is going to tank the property's value if he ever puts it on the market-most guides for prospective buyers have guidance to the effect of "don't take the current owner at his/her word, have the building inspector check it out before you sign anything". Just from the videos he's posted we know the place has mold problems, a faulty water heater, etc.

EDIT: Also, between how much importance he puts on the house/move to Seattle in general, I don't think he is going to sell it even if money is tight. His ego is too bound up in the place to let that happen.
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