Will we ever go to movie theaters again? And are the Oscars even happening? We have answers

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Duncan Hills Coffee

Dec 13, 2016
I guess I'm in the minority here in that I like going to the theater if only because I like the experience of seeing movies on a large screen and with a sound system I could never afford. But even then, I barely go to the theater anymore. I think I only went a grand total of three times last year. I don't doubt that they're not gonna last much longer with all of this going on. They've been losing money for decades anyhow. I will be a bit disappointed when they do finally die, but it's not as though I'm losing something I care deeply about.


Jun 16, 2018
Haven't been to the theater since 2004 to see ROTK. Kids and crowds and expensive popcorn are awful. When compared to peace, quiet, and snuggling with your sweetie on the sofa.

Stormy Daniel's Lawyer

So it goes.
Mar 15, 2019
I haven't been to the movies in years and I don't have plans to go back anytime soon. Streaming, Netflix, Amazon, etc.. makes it easier just to stay home.


The last sane person on Earth
Nov 5, 2018
Movie theaters are kind of outdated at this point.
You don't need to go into a building and sit quiet in a dark room without the ability to pause.
Stage plays and other live shows are one thing but with movies, you can watch that at home and get the same experience.
Some people claim that they like them but I think part of that fondness is because they're used to it.
If we only watched movies at home and theaters were suddenly introduced, I don't think they would last even 5 years.

As for the Oscars.... who cares?
The number of viewers is going down every year.
Many great movies get overlooked in favor of whatever is topical that year.
The people voting don't even watch all of the movies they're voting for.
The only think I look forward to every year in relation to Oscars is the internet shitstorm afterwards and we have enough of those already.

Fagnacious D

and The Dick of Destiny
Jul 26, 2017
I dislike going to theaters. People tell me it's a social experience but, seeing it with other people adds nothing to it for me. Having to schedule something, fight through traffic to go to a place with over priced food and drinks just doesn't appeal to me.
At home I'm able to cook a meal ahead of time, get take out or just order something. I also don't need to worry about other people talking on their cellphones, shitty projectors, or anything else like that.
Also piracy lets me watch things for free since the streaming services often lack the things I like or end or censoring them somehow.

Movie Theaters will survive in some manner but, I think they'll need to evolve. Currently all they have going for them is a big screen and timed exclusivity.

I'm not a fan of the Oscars. The award ceremony itself is uninteresting. it feels like I'm watching a wealthy crowd of people applaud themselves and make a bunch of in-jokes. I think I've only liked a hand full of movies that have been nominated. I won't claim to have watched even one tenth of the movies that have won the award for best picture but, most of them (based on trailers/reviews) don't interest me at all.
Oscars will probably survive but, they might be truncated in some fashion.


The Aleph
Jan 14, 2020
oscars, emmys, grammys et al are just rich people wank fests for themselves, not your run of the mill flyover state pleb. "Will we ever be able to wank ourselves off and televise it again?" You already do that every day.
The last thing I've heard from Hollywood awards show that didn't have anything to do with woke politics was Hollywood bitching about movies on streaming services being able to win awards, yet here we are.

Mad Asshatter

My other name was Maggot
Sep 25, 2019
I hope the theaters don't go away. Maybe because I still seem to have positive experiences with them, since the Dine-In AMC Theaters I go to seems to keep the shitheel problem to a minimum since the waiters are often in enough to shush and ush any loud person or whiny kids. Plus they serve good booze.


I got in a fight with a door and I lost.
May 11, 2020
I'm pretty much neutral regarding whether or not they stick around. If they do stay, I hope they make more interesting changes/lower prices. Theatres do have a certain charm, and it would be nice if they channeled a more classic feel. If nothing else, it would be nostalgic at least. I do think a lot of chains will be forced to shut down because of all the economic blows they're taking right now.


A thousand years old
True & Honest Fan
Jan 15, 2014
I honestly don’t care if the Oscars never come back. What finally killed any credibility they had in my mind was the Best Picture nomination for Black Panther. I actually enjoyed that movie, but it was pure popcorn fare with nothing artistically outstanding about it. It got the nomination purely so the Academy could trumpet their own wokeness. With the Internet, I don’t need a bunch of Hollywood circle-jerkers telling me what’s worth watching.

Dwight Frye

Renfield, you asshole!
Sep 27, 2019
Movie theaters seem to attract exceptional people like flies to shit. I can watch the same movie at home with a few friends, some beer and food and not have to pay an arm and a leg for the experience. I also won't have to deal with screaming, crying children, dipshit teenagers and younger adults acting like tards, old farts constantly coughing up a lung, trashy fuckers thinking it's a perfect time to have a full blown ugly fuck session, black people being over the top ridiculously loud (sorry, this stereotype is true) Why the hell are all these morons even at the theater if they plan on doing everything except watch the movie?

As for the Oscars, I've never given a fuck about them in the past and I don't give a fuck about them now.