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Considering the name of this thread, I'm gonna post this one last update found from William before he (tries to) go back to his 'normal life'.


This particular part though...


...I have no idea what this means.

Also apparently to him, digital texts are capable of beating the crap out of somebody now, like tossing alphabet chicken nuggets.
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Those electrical pole drawings reveal he leaves in or near Tucson, so for me he's a local sperg. He's also an idiot because the reason why poles get replaced is because our summer monsoon thunderstorms have a tendency to blow them over. His novel sized descriptions however indicate he can't figure out why poles suddenly get replaced.
Oh fuck he's sorta local to me too.


>this fuckin comment
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The whole "character x as a teenager" is, uh, interesting. But I don't get it.

They did a article on his art? :story: It's not like he's some sped Rainman "genius" that paints average landscapes, his drawings are lousy even by normie standards. The paper must've been really desperate for a sped feel good story that day.

Edit: If you look up the name of his high school it gives a general idea of where he lived at least 18 years ago, but he probably still lives there since he was still in Tucson at least five or so years ago. His parents are at least middle class but could possibly be wealthier. If we're right about him being Jehova's Witnesses there aren't any of their churches super near the school, but there are three in the general area. We can rule out the south one though because it's right by a different high school.
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erect: ╭ᑎ╮ pee: ╰Ụ╯ micropenis: ╰ᶸ╯ ⁞ LONG: Ɛ====Э

Gonna tell you right now like I told you then in case any of you are thinking this, THIS IS NOT HOMOSEXUALITY and there is no sexual activity going on in this drawing, I DON'T do that! And I want no sexual jokes in the comments to this, any I get will be flagged as spam on the spot and you might get blocked! So please keep the comments clean and civil, but feel free to give your opinion about this and in a friendly way please!

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Pedo tendencies aside, I think he'd be a lot happier with himself if he'd accept the fact that he's gay. It'd probably be better for him in that regard if he wasn't raised so religiously.
Unfortunately, when a Jehovah’s Witness gets “disfellowshipped” everyone within the church is supposed to behave as though they never existed, including their parents and other family members. If he’s gay and accepts himself as such, it’s likely he’ll be thrown out and cut off from all his support.

Sir Wesley Tailpipe
Unfortunately, when a Jehovah’s Witness gets “disfellowshipped” everyone within the church is supposed to behave as though they never existed, including their parents and other family members. If he’s gay and accepts himself as such, it’s likely he’ll be thrown out and cut off from all his support.
What happens if a Jehovah’s Witness pisses sitting down?

Dwight Schrute

Murder, not mukduk.
A random deviantART user asks if William is alright after dealing with the Farms, and he provides the following, spergy rant down below.

There's nothing I can do about them, if they're gonna keep making fun of me, they're gonna keep making fun of me until something happens to them!

Besides, SCREW THEM! They can kiss my shoes for all I care!

And I know those nosy busy-bodies are reading this!

In fact here's what I just found:
A URL to Mystic Misty
February 5th 2020

(Yet another link to my article)
"or give an exact location of where I live, even the slightest of clues"
Dude, thanks to these photos Electricity Tower Before and After Replacement you already revealed you live somewhere in the Tucson, Arizona area as recently as 2015.

Reactions: (kiwi farmsDOTnet/posts/6060672/reactions)

Okay yes so I gave clues as to where I live! But I did not give my exact location or my address. And at least they STILL don't know what I look like!

I gotta hand it to them though, those Kiwi-Farmers, as one called them, are clever!

But even if they find out what I look like, come across me, and put their hands on me and try to hurt me, sooner or later they're going to get their just-desserts whether they believe it or not! And by the way those aren't my photos, they're just screenshots from Google Street View that I made! But I really do have my own photos of Tucson posted.

So they can just put it in their pipe and smoke it!
I still cannot trust them, they're capable of anything and they are rabid humans, at least I think some of them if not all of them are. And I'm not just worried about them beating me up, and I'm not saying they will but they could beat me up, like you said, or mug/rob me, kidnap me, kill me, even rape me though I'm a man in my 30s! Again, not saying they will so as not to falsely accuse them of anything and it be my fault, but I just don't trust them at all, they could be very very dangerous people! One person from there was responsible for a mass-shooting in New Mexico!

If (Hypothetically speaking) I was a Kiwi Farms user, and wasn't as nice as or moral as I am and was as bad as they are, I'd probably go out and physically violate people. Not that I would though, I'm just saying! I may not know what's on those Kiwi Farmer's minds or their intentions, nor do I claim to, trust me, I know what people are capable of and we live in an increasingly twisted world! Again, I don't trust them! And after learning somewhat about them and what's happened as a result of them, I have little to no reason to trust them!
And thus Zhan Tri entered the match.

Good job on keeping everything up to date, Kiwi's. This is an awesome read.

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William is sick, hopes he doesn't have Corona-chan, but somehow he was able to shower, which he was supposed to do that day.
I was going to have some more drawings of Cody for you but unfortunately I'm too sick, my nose won't stop running and at this rate I'm gonna run out of tissue! I've been sick all day and I had things I was supposed to do today including shower, which thankfully I did! But I had to cancel other projects!

So I'm gonna have some dinner, take some Amitriptyline (it's a medicine you take for allergies or cold even but it makes you drowsy and it numbs you) and go to bed.

I admit I was out shopping yesterday and I did wear a mask but I didn't think I was going to be this sick. Let's hope I don't have the Coronavirus! Let's hope this is just something I had before and got over!

And now my head is starting to hurt! Of all the days to be sick why did it have to be today?
I get sick just as I have things to do!
(Maddie -lol- asks him how he's doing)
Well my snot-box, as my stepfather would call my nose, has its faucet turned off and is no longer dripping like a leaky faucet, but I'm very tired and numb from that medicine I said I'd take. And I'm not sneezing.

I was able to get one thing done late last night that I wanted to do yesterday, and that was wash a sink-full of dirty dishes and there was a lot of dishes to wash. Took me like 30 minutes, more-less just to do!

Something else I wanted to do yesterday was learn to make home-made mash potatoes and I'd like to try to learn today but I dont know. My mother wasn't feeling too well yesterday either! I even had to help her get out of bed!

I do have to try to take it easy or my symptoms could come back. Sometimes I try to do more than I actually can and usually fail! (

> So I'm gonna have some dinner, take some Amitriptyline (it's a medicine you take for allergies or cold even but it makes you drowsy and it numbs you

Amitryptiline is an antidepressant, and a fairly heavy one at that. It does have some incidental effects and can make you drowsy as he says, but it's definitely not something you take for allergies/cold.

William spergs about sperging, Toni Braxton, love between parents and children (but he's not suggesting incest!),
So in case you didn't figure it out, that was "You Mean The World To Me," by Toni Braxton. These are the real actual lyrics to her song.…
And to hear the song yourself:!98ee90cfb… You gotta listen to it! Okay you don't gotta but I'd like it if you did, you'd love it!

Yes, Toni Braxton is a mother of an autistic boy, just like my mother, except my mother is not a professional singer but I love my mother anyway and I love her even more than Braxton! My mother and Braxton have something else in common and Braxton is older than my mother, she was born the year before. But Braxton is one of my most favorite singers in the world and has been since I was 11 years old, and her song "You Mean The World To Me," is one of, probably her most, beautiful songs ever and one of my most favorite songs by her, next to "Let it Flow!" "You Mean The World To Me" sounds so beautiful I almost wanna cry just listening to it! :happycry: revamp :happycry:
Happy cry (Tears of joy)
But thankfully I don't feel like crying right now and don't really want to!

I understand this is a love song, a romantic love song and it is, but to me, now it sounds like more than that! This shouldn't just be a romantic love song, like between spouses or between boyfriends and girlfriends, this should be a general love song, like the love between a parent and his/her child, love between siblings, (note I'm not suggesting incest!,) and love between friends. And since Braxton is the mother of an autistic son, although I don't know him well, and I'm sort of glad her son is autistic, although it's not all that good, and I couldn't be prouder if she was not a mother of an autistic child (I mean that in all the good ways!) And seeing how beautiful this particular song is to me, now I like to associate this song with autistic people and their parents, especially to be honest their mothers, including my own, but fathers can and should be included too. This also includes fictional autistic characters like Carl Gould Carl Gould Icon 3 from "Arthur," Julia from "Sesame Street," Pablo from the show with the same name, Andy from "Callou," and Dennis from "Dinosaur Train," and now to any future autistic cartoon character yet to exist (and I hope that will be so!) I suppose this song can also apply to cartoon characters we think or want to think have autism like Nonny from "Bubble Guppies," Dil Pickles from "Rugrats/ Rugrats All Grown Up," "Ferb Fletcher from "Phineas and Ferb," Ice Bear from "We Bare Bears," Tigger from "Winnie the Pooh," Schroeder from "Peanuts," Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star from, well the show with the name of the former character!, and more. This also applies to autistic characters made up by amateur artists including myself! Regardless, all children, including with autism, should be loved and cherished by their parents!

Yes we autistic people seem like weird people and may seem useless (no offense to you if you have it and I feel the same way about myself,) but we are unique individuals and we are useful people and useful members of society, capable of just about everything non-autistic people are. Autism can be a curse, but now I know it's also a blessing, and I would not trade this for anything, and I've learned to accept and cherish my autism as many of you have and I hope more of you will! Autism is NOTHING to be ashamed of, you didn't ask for it and no one should hate or even dislike you for it, you should be loved and appreciated! And we as autistic people have things to offer even if we don't feel we do (sometimes I feel that way about myself, but trust me, you have much to contribute!) And I love that we see the world differently than most other people, again, I would not trade that!

So to all you autistic people out there, whether I know you or not, know that you are loved by someone, including me, your fellow autistic. You may not believe you are loved or even liked, but trust me, you ARE loved! There is someone out there that loves you, whether you find them or not! And you mean the world to some people, some of you including me! And this is how your parents, friends, and other loved ones should feel about you!

And to Ms. Toni Braxton (trying to show respect and be formal!): Be happy with your son, with both of them, including your son with autism. And thank you for that song and your other songs, but especially "You Mean the World to Me!" You and the writers of that song. I will always love that song, and though I don't know you and am not your son, I will always love you too! We may never meet each other in person, and I would be shy and nervous if we did, but it would be an honor if I were to meet you! I wish you and your children nothing but the best and love! Stay strong and be happy! Thank you Ms. Braxton!

And also, thank you crew of the shows "Arthur," "Sesame Street," "Caillou," "Dinosaur Train," for including autistic characters in your show, and thank you creators and crew for making the show "Pablo," the show about the main character who has autism. And may more of you cartoonists create and include autistic characters in your show and may more cartoons and other shows about autistic characters be created, but done right and carefully and less offensively as possible!

By the way, I plan to use this song again later. One of my O.C. autistic characters really loves this song too and he sings it!

And before I end this journal, please enjoy some more artwork of autistic people/characters and by autistic artists including yours truly. In fact, I drew the picture above and one more I'm about to show you just for this occasion! And thank you all for reading. Please share this journal on other websites, and if possible, let Mrs. Braxton see this, I'd like to hear what she has to say about this (if she has no comment or never knows about this, that's okay.) And I'm not trying to be famous or anything, I'm just speaking from my heart, but I am curious as to how Ms. Braxton would feel about this and hope she likes it! (


"Autistic cartoon characters 2"

He also links to a bunch of other autistic artists' art about autism, which might be a lolcow goldmine.
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Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 7.36.09 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 7.36.29 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 7.36.42 PM.png

For context, there is an episode of Fairly OddParents where Timmy accidentally wishes himself into a girl or something like that. I guess it stuck in his craw since Timmy would presumably sit to piss while magically transformed into a girl.

William dreams of tiger pee:
Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 7.38.49 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 7.39.43 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 7.40.06 PM.png


Rex cries after he ejaculates
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For context, there is an episode of Fairly OddParents where Timmy accidentally wishes himself into a girl or something like that. I guess it stuck in his craw since Timmy would presumably sit to piss while magically transformed into a girl.

William dreams of tiger pee:
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I love how often he projects his insecurities into the descriptions.

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I love how often he projects his insecurities into the descriptions.
Like the "stack o' cute" cartoon, "this is not gay," or the Toni Braxton song about a mother's love, "this is not incest." It's funny that the urge to sperg out on his part is so strong he knows perfectly damn well the ways he's gonna be mocked for something and yet he still does it.

Also, I miss Maddie. I know she's probably reading this.


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