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Doesn't make it any less creepy, but to me the reason William and his ilk obsess over very young characters is in some aspects, they're still children mentally (due to autism or other developmental delays), and find kids easier to relate to than adult characters with real life responsibilities. Add to that a lack of social awareness or simply apathy towards the fact that the vast majority of 30-somethings have more sophisticated taste in entertainment than shows targeted at a very young audience, and you get... this.

:story: I love William putting a spoiler alert before giving away the plot of a 208-year-old fairy tale. Though, Disney's Tangled might have mangled the original plot but I don't care enough to confirm that.
Classic autism
Autists always seem to be very concerned over revealing spoilers for whatever reason. Just something I've noticed


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After debating at some length (a) and previously chickening out (a) regarding whether he wants to do it, the madlad has actually posted face on dA (a), despite this having been thus far lacking in such doxxxxxxx as we have on him (except for the high school face shot zed found)

Yep, that's meeeeee! The one and only WillM3LuvTrains in the face!

Finally after about seven years on Deviant Art, you can now see what I look like for real!

I did say in one of my recent journals I wasn't going to do a face reveal, and I am taking a big chance with myself doing this but one of you encouraged me to do so and so that's what I'm doing! So now the truth is out!

Admittedly I'm not one of the handsomest or most attractive looking dudes out there but hopefully you'll still like me and like this! I know some of you said I'm not ugly and thank you to those who already saw me (I shared this and other pics of me through my
He, like Chris, wants to "live [his] drem and be with cartoon characters," but unlike Chris, he knows "I can only do that on the computer or in the dreams I have when I'm asleep!"

Something else I want to do, make photos of myself with cartoon characters be them my own characters or existing cartoon characters and I've got ideas! But I want to do something like this… and something like this… I wanna live my dream and be with cartoon characters, even if I can only do that on the computer or in the dreams I have when I'm asleep!

So, once I hit that submit button, there's no turning back!

More selfies to come!
He has a surprisingly realistic idea that people are going to share this and possibly make fun of it and oh well, fuck us. Good on you, William, good on you.

Yep, that puny and sorry little loser in the picture is me (I'm joking about the "loser" thing, don't take that seriously, sometimes I like put myself down! So no need to confront me for that although I get the feeling some of you will anyway!)

Anyway that's what I look like without glasses and that's how I was until I was 11 years old. And truth be told, I like myself better with glasses! In fact I wanted to wear glasses and got jealous of other kids that wore glasses or started to wear them! Thankfully my dream came true when I was in 5th grade after I lost my 20-20!

This picture isn't too bad, I took some others of myself without glasses that don't look as good in my opinion and this one I think is my best one! But I think I look better in glasses!
Oh by the way, absolutely NOBODY has permission to share these outside of Deviant Art! I'm normally generous in letting my pictures be shared but I insist this stays within Deviant Art unless I say different. I mean I know I have no control over what happens to this picture and others I post but please do not copy or repost this. I'm also disabling the download option for this!

Meanwhile, not all is well with our little crew here. There is some drama that I don't understand involving someone named Cassiddie (a), which I can't quite distill. It's another crossover with Maddie, so I'll probably make a post in her thread.

See William and Cassiddie slapfighting here (a), Maddie flexing on her and screaming "BEWARE OF THIS USER" (a); apparently cassie here has been the center of a lot of drama in their little corner of dA.

William pitches a sperg about possible hacking of his dA account as well as Maddie's, to make Maddie say mean things about him (a), while raging about being blocked by some other sped in their little circle:

Okay I just went to look at those two links Cassiddie sent me in the notes, and they were of Varian4eves saying she was going to get me banned from DA. Now before you aim your attacks on her, LISTEN TO ME, I don't think she did that, I think someone hacked into her accounts to make it seem like she said those things about me and to try to get her in trouble. I hope that's true that someone hacked into her account not Varian4eves herself. I am so glad I did not look at those or I might have just believed them.\

But that's just it, I think I may have gotten hacked too and someone pretending to be me made it seem like I said or did something wrong and this is probably why Thomassss2000 blocked me, because of what someone else possibly did to me! Someone might have pretended to be me to get me in trouble! I don't know who and I'm not about to make any false accusations but I suspect someone, only I have no proof so I cannot say for sure. In fact, Cassiddie this BETTER not be you! I'm not saying it is but I'm suspecting that! Again, I have no proof so I cannot say for sure it was you!

Thomassss2000 listen to me please, I know I'm blocked from you but I think you've been lied to about me. I have a feeling someone pretending to be me hacked into my account or whatever and wrote a message and made it seem like it was me who said that. I don't know what was said or if anything was said but whatever you think I said IT'S NOT TRUE!!! Someone is trying to cause trouble for me and make me look like a bad guy, someone who cannot be trusted. I would appreciate it if you unblocked me, I did nothing wrong to you, please believe me!

I would NEVER hurt anyone on purpose, I've got better things to do with my time than cause trouble for other people and I hate hurting other people.

I also say this because some of you probably already fell victim to this or might become victims of this soon!

I am SO MAD right now! I'm a little disappointed Thomassss2000 blocked me but I am madder that someone lied about me, at least that's what I think happened, I don't know for sure, and that Varian4eves was lied about too, a lie I could have easily bought but didn't thank goodness!

If you are a hacker and you're causing trouble for Deviant Artists and trying to get them in trouble with other Deviants or trying to get them banned, STOP IT IMMEDIATELY! What you're doing is not only not nice but extremely rude, disrespectful, inconsiderate, dishonest, and possibly dangerous, or at least harmful, possibly even illegal! How would you like it if someone hacked into your account and tried to get you in trouble for no reason?! Well think about it? Would you want people shunning you because of something you didn't do? Would you like to get in trouble for something someone else did? It's no fun is it?

So if you're hacking into accounts, YOU BETTER STOP RIGHT NOW! You might just get found out about and then you're the one who's going to get banned!

So people listen to me please, if you get a message that seems to be from me planning to do harm to you or saying nasty things to you, DO NOT BELIEVE IT! I would never try to hurt anyone, I swear! I may be immature but I am NOT A MONSTER! I didn't come down here to hurt anyone or to bully anyone or to cause trouble for anyone!

I am so upset this is happening!
For yet more sperging, he complains about all of this adding sufferings to a recent illness (a).


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