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Injustice to Me on Idea Wiki and Other Things (archive)...

William was banned from "Idea Wiki" for sockpuppeting, posting piss art, and sperging about adding an autistic character to Loud House.

Okay I won't lie to you, I confess I did create two sock-puppet accounts on Wikia two years ago, not to evade blocks but admittedly to pretend to be somebody else talking trash about me, being annoyed with my objection to male fairy pregnancy, my constant talk of wanting to see railroad crossings on cartoons, and still having beef with me for drawing Timmy Turner going to the bathroom.
First I don't know if you're going to agree or disagree with this but I am going to say this anyway and this is a rant/vent journal so be prepared! If you don't want to know or disagree with this journal, please leave right now!

I was editing on Idea Wiki yesterday, editing a page I made about adding an autistic Loud House character to The Loud House. Mind you though, Idea Wiki is actually a fanon wiki so it's pretty much fake, but I thought it was a place where you can share ideas you have for things like TV shows and what-have-you! But as I was editing that page, and two other pages well I just found out that page got deleted too, I find out I got banned from that wiki and without warning! I got banned for "Sock-Puppeting."

Okay I won't lie to you, I confess I did create two sock-puppet accounts on Wikia two years ago, not to evade blocks but admittedly to pretend to be somebody else talking trash about me, being annoyed with my objection to male fairy pregnancy, my constant talk of wanting to see railroad crossings on cartoons, and still having beef with me for drawing Timmy Turner going to the bathroom. Then one of you noticed it and informed me about it, but then I decided to tell the truth in a note with you and confess it was me. And you told me to go and confess, which I did, at least on the Wikia it was done on. And somehow I was forgiven for it and never got banned or called out for it! Then later when reporting somebody else to Community Central for leaving a porn link on that wikia (it's gone now) I decided to report myself/turn myself in, so I'd feel less like a hypocrite, I confessed my sock-puppet accounts, one of which got infinitely banned, I don't know what happened to the other one, but my regular account wasn't banned. It deserved to be but it wasn't, and I never made or used a sock-puppet account again, it was super stupid, even just to bully myself and wind others up!

Now getting back to the more recent events, I was blocked for 72 hours from Idea Wiki and cannot even edit my own talk page! Seeing this accusation and realizing I couldn't talk to the admin who blocked me, who I'm just gonna say is Wazzupguys, I decided to talk to him on Wiki Community Central as I was directed to do so when I had a dispute with another Wiki Admin on Sound Effects Wiki, and believe me I am not dealing with that Wiki anymore! In fact I recommend you stay away from Sound Effects Wiki! But I went to Wazzupguys' message wall on Community Central and left this message

"Excuse me Wuzzupguys,
First I'm going to try to say this as politely as I can but you just blocked me from idea wiki for having sockpuppet accounts.

It's true I did create a couple sockpuppet accounts, one under the name Informer4250 and another under AnnoyedByWillArthurBuster5050 but I did not use those on Idea Wiki. And I did confess to those sockpuppet accounts here on Community Central and I haven't used those since 2018. I'll admit what I did was super wrong and dishonest and I should not have ever done that but I was blocked for something I did two years ago and haven't done since then.

You also blocked me without warning and that wasn't fair.

I apologize if I sounded harsh and stern, as I always say "I don't like sounding mean and being a jerk to others" or something like that and I don't mean to be mean to anyone, but I needed to talk to you about this and since I couldnt' talk to you on Idea Wiki, I had to come over to Community Central to do so.

I would appreciate it if you unblocked me but it is your decision, if I must I'll serve my 72 hours.

Thank you for your time and for reading this. No disrespect was meant but I needed to appeal this."

Then not much later he replied with this message

"Please understand that the content you made could've been interpreted as inappropriate."

I decided I didn't want to know what he meant by that and just said "Okay," and I admit I've made some content that others would find offensive even if I never meant for it to be.

But then I went on TV Ideas Wiki, a sister Wiki to Idea Wiki, and found the page I created similar to the original was delete there too, about adding an autistic character to The Loud House (Go to and search Cody Carpenter or search "Add an Autistic Character to The Loud House.") According to Wazzupguys, my content "Adding An Autsitic Character to The Loud House" was inappropriate. How is that inappropriate?

So I went back to Wazzupguys on Community Central and said this to him:

"Okay, I'm sorry to push this any further but I don't understand how what I added was inappropriate. I just went on TV Ideas Wiki and found my article to add an autistic Loud House character was deleted there too because it was inappropriate. How was it inappropriate?

All I did was give an idea to add an autistic Loud House character to the show, which I still think should happen. I don't understand what I did wrong and I wasn't trying to do anything wrong.

Would people be offended by the idea of an autistic person being added to the show, and even if he was added, would that worry people? I know some shows misdepict/misrepresent autistic people whether played by real actors or shown in cartoons, but that wasn't my intent. Some shows about autism offend me too, like "The Good Doctor."

I added that idea, although I know those are fake wikias because I believed there should be an autistic character, and while the Idea Wikias are fake, some may like that idea and the Loud House crew, though highly likely not going to, may see it and decide it's a good idea. I even wrote to the Loud House crew myself, well to Nickelodeon and suggested that they do. And I did it hoping it would increase chances of getting an autistic character added to The Loud House, no one can read my mind and I cannot just sti back and hope they're going to without saying anything.

I also have autism myself, I'm not an ableist and have nothing against autistic people and I had good intentions when I made those. I was not trying to offend or get misrepresented the autistic community. I believe more autistic fictional characters should be added to shows, especially if LGBTQ characters can be added too. And I made nothing sexual in the articles or pictures, I was just trying to help give ideas.

I'm missing something. And what about the other articles I made, like "The Rabbits Movie" and my idea of a "Heathcliff" reboot? Are those inappropriate too?

Again, I wasn't trying to be inapprorpiate and I don't understand what I did. I get not everyone is going to agree with me and some people will see some things I do as inappropriate, I see some things other people do as inappropriate too but I usually try to stay out of it.

Isn't the point of "Ideas Wikia" to give/share ideas you have that others ought to know about?
Again, I don't understand what I did wrong and I would like to know what I'm missing if I'm missing someting. And I'm sorry but I'm hurt that my articles were deleted, especially when I meant no harm by them, and I don't like it when people misinterpret what I do. Whether you and others reading this care or not, I'm a sensitive person and I have low self esteem and tend to feel like I cannot do some things right and I struggle with that feeling, have for many years!
Admittedly, I cannot change your mind about this, again it's your decision what you do, I cannot choose what anyone does. I'll be quiet now."

You can read all that on this page (I also copied and pasted it just in case it got deleted from there)

And he hasn't responded to me as of yet, I'm not totally sure I want to know now!

I also created a page with my idea "Heathcliff (New Animated Series) It was originally made on Idea Wikia and then I remade it on TV Ideas Wiki but it got deleted so I just found out It was removed by anotherAdmin who goes by the name "DonaldoC1997" He also deleted a movie idea I had! Apparently my pages are being removed from idea Wiki and I don't know or understand why!

I still fail to understand how adding an idea to add an autistic character to The Loud House on the idea wikis was inappropriate. I mean I get it, I understand they're probably never going to add Cody or any other autistic character to The Loud House and I get maybe they're not interested in doing so, and I respect that, if they never include Cody or any other autistic character in The Loud House, so be it, but did they have to remove those pages from their wikias? As I said, "Isn't the idea of Idea Wikia to share ideas you have that others ought to know about?"

And maybe the Loud House crew is going to reject my idea for them to add an autistic Loud House character but at least I'm trying something!

How did I even find out about Idea Wiki in the first place? This page someone made about a Caillou Reboot, which I agree with! And I wanted to add my ideas to this wiki but first I went to ask about this wikia starting with adding a message to my message wall there Then found an admin there and posted my question on their page and got an answer. And so from that point on I shared my ideas, but none from Arthur unlike what MuppetLover16 said.

And about MuppetLover16, I don't know if he was joking or not but he's been hassling me too! I even confronted him once on this after I responded to a message about WikiUser SecondOpinion who planned suicide but then changed their mind about doing so and then Muppetlover16 made another joke comment about me. Maybe he's joking or not but I'm not finding what he does funny!

By the way please leave SecondOpinion alone about what they thought of doing, that was a way long time ago!

And apparently I'm not the only one who has problems with Wazzupguys, others seem to have a problem with him too. Check out his message all on Community Central

Well, I came to a decision: I AM QUITTING IDEA WIKIA! That and the sister wikias and other wikis run by Wazzupguys. I don't think he likes me or wants me! And if he doesn't want me or like me anymore and if my stuff is just gonna get deleted from those sites and they're going to mistreat me then what further use do I have for those sites? What's the point of me being there any longer and if they don't want me or are going to be unjust to me then I don't want them anymore and am not going to waste anymore of my time with them!

Sometimes wikia and other websites are just not worth my time, they are run by unjust people or people who don't care about others and I do not want to be part of those websites or have anything to do with such people, they are just not worth my time! I even quit Wikia altogether once after a heated dispute with the runner of Sound Effects Wikia, WikiExpertXV but did decided to come back late 2018 and decided to only edit and contribute to SOME wikias. I was blocked twice on Sound Effects Wiki for not following the rules. I felt bad about it the first time, apologized for it and got unblocked, although I thought I was blocked for a month, so I waited out the month and tried again. I asked WikiExpertXV for help but instead he blocked me again, even telling me I should leave and that he cannot handle with people who don't know what they're doing. And then I tried (and failed) to leave him a harsh message and then complained about him on this After that I quit Wiki, except for my two sock-puppet accounts. Then came back to Wikia as my real self!

One other wikia I cannot go to anymore is Locomotive Wiki. The Admin AltoonaRailfan blocked me from there for no reason too and falsely accused me of encouraging a confrontation and on the same day blocked another user "just for fun!" And when I tried to apologize to him and tell my side of the story, he rejected it and marked it as spam. I was told he was like a 10 year old that lives in the past! By the way, HenryDuckFan is NOT a bad person, he's better than he's been given credit for and I stupidly listened to another person who had a problem with him and left his Wiki to join Locomotive Wiki only to have an even worse problem there! Well this is what I was told about AltoonaRailfan:

"As long as AltoonaRailfan (Jacob) is around, you and I won't have a chance on there. He's unwilling to forget the past and move on. I've tried time and time again to improve, but he still has the mentality of a 10-year-old (unfortunately). We barely knew each other (he came into the "war" later than the anonymous trolls did), and he's been holding a grudge against me ever since. His closest friend is (INFORMATION REDACTED) who attempted to befriend yo"

So now there are at least four wikias I never want to see again:
-Locomotive Wiki
-Sound Effects Wiki
-Idea Wiki
-TV Show Idea Wiki

I'm just gonna add Game Ideas Wiki to the list too. But these wikis are off limits to me now, and not just because the admins banned me but out of my own decision too! And for all I know there are going to be more wikias I'll be giving up on.

I'm not giving up Wiki altogether but there are some wikias I cannot go back to anymore for emotional issues and issues with the users and admins on them and I refuse to deal with them if all they're going to do is mistreat me!
This world just isn't fair!

Bet a lot of you are mad at me now, especially for the wrongs I've done. I'll be hurt but I wouldn't blame you if you wanted nothing to do with me anymore after this and blocked me! I'm not one of the most mature persons on earth and I never will be! Hopefully I'm not one of the worsts either!

I know I seem like a quitter and that I give up too easily, but I'd rather just give up and leave than cause lots more trouble and more disappointment to others and more shame to myself! I mean we shouldn't always quit and some people don't respect quitters but sometimes you really do have to quit/give up, and as much as it hurts to do so and I fall short of this myself: Move on! And that's what I'm gonna have to try to do now, is move on!

There were more URLs but I had to get rid of them because it wouldn't post my journal with them.

I hope our boy William makes a full recovery soon. He's one of the funniest cows on the site, I'd hate to lose him to the poo poo flu.
Hopefully in the future his parents (or whoever he lives with) will wash produce and cook meat properly. Alternatively he could've picked it up by not washing his after taking photos in that public restroom.
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Analog Devolved

Lmao. Will has been really active on DeviantArt after recovering from ecoli poisoning. This is the most exciting piece of artwork he has been working on.
Screenshot_20200831-183448_Samsung Internet.jpg

All credit to WillM3luvtrains 2020

L.E.D. Gate Signals Animated




MODEL L.E.D. Railroad Crossing Gate Signals

Animated gif version of… Here's the other half of the lights showing

Just an assortment of railroad crossing gate signals with L.E.D.s both on the signal and on the gate. I have four signals all with 12"x20" pixilated-look L.E.D.s and gates with four different types of gate lights. And I forgot to label them!

The signal in the top left has R.E.C.O. 4" gate lights, you can perceive them as incandescent or L.E.D. since those kinds of gate lights can be either. The signal in the top right has Aurora/Clear L.E.D. gate lights which come from either Alstom or National Electric Gate. The bottom left signal has Western Cullen Hayes L.E.D. gate lights. And the signal on the bottom right has Electro Tech's L.E.D. gate lights that only Union Pacific Railroad seems to use although even U.P.R.R. seems to be phasing these out in favor of other gate lights, especially the Aurora L.E.D.s!

I decided to make the bells my most favorite of them all, the General Signals electronic bells (you decide what type they are!) You also decide what brand the signal L.E.D.s are, be them Western Cullen Hayes, Safetran, General Signals, Alstom, Harmon, General Electric, R.S.I., etc. I am planning however to turn these into Uniform L.E.D.s but I wanted to start these out as pixilated L.E.D.s. I don't plan to make these 12"x24" but you can if you want to.

I also might re-stripe the gates to Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) standards.

Free/Permission granted to use my signals, get creative with them if you want but please credit me for them!

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Another drawing of Cody Carpenter, my first one in a while, but this is not a very happy or fun picture of Cody, actually this is a picture of Cody talking sternly to me and telling me things I don't want to but need to hear! This was made in light of recent events that happened to me on Idea Wiki and sister Wikias like TV Idea Wikia. This is also my first drawing of Cody with a stern look on his face!

This is what Cody is telling me:

"William, first I appreciate you wanting me to be a Loud House character and I am flattered, but you need to stop trying to make me an official Loud House character out of me. What is more, you also need to stop trying to get an autistic character put on The Loud House! While I like that idea too, I don't need to be on The Loud House and the Loud House crew does not have to add an autistic character or do anything else you want them to do!

"Yes it's true The Loud House features diversity and different kinds of people and families and features a character with Down Syndrome, and I know other cartoons have featured characters with autism, but that doesn't mean The Loud House needs to feature an autistic character too, it's
not needed! That is nothing more than just your opinion!

"And I don't care if I never become a Loud House character or if they never put an autistic Loud House character in the cartoon, and n
either should you! So what if they don't feature me of any other character with autism! Besides I am only one in over a billion fan-made characters that could be featured in the Loud House and my chances of becoming a real Loud House character are real low! In other words, I am likely not going to be an actual Loud House character, and you know what? I DON'T CARE! If they are not interested in adding an autistic Loud House character you need to accept and respect that and move on! You can't force them to add me or any other autistic Loud House character! Besides even if they did add me or another autistic cartoon character, they could get it wrong and offend their audience, even lose many fans and other watchers including you! (I forgot to put "and" in there!) And I'd rather not be on The Loud House than risk being a misrepresentation of people with autism like you and have people hate me and The Loud House! And what if you didn't like it yourself? What if you were offended?

"Something else I need to tell you, you
need to stop obsessing about and trying to get railroad crossings, Amtrak trains, and fire alarms with lights shown in cartoons! Nobody needs to add these things to their cartoons and you're not always going to see what you want to see or see things the way you want to see them! That's just the way it is! If you want a cartoon with railroad crossings, lighted crossing gates, Amtrak trains, and lighted fire alarms, then why don't you make your own cartoon? Otherwise you need to really cut down on your talk and obsession about such things and refrain from talking so much about those things!

"Look, I'm
not trying to be mean or to hurt or discourage you, I'm just trying to give you a reality check! I have autism too and I too have things I wanted to have happen, but even I know I can't always have what I want. Yes I get disappointed even frustrated, but I too have to accept it and move on, and as hard as it is, I do!

"It's okay to want things and it's okay to have your opinion, but you can't force your opinion on other people! How would you like it if people kept insisting on forcing their ideas on you if you had no interest in doing so? You can still have your own opinions and ideas but you have to respect other people's opinions and decisions too even if you don't understand or agree with them, end not everyone, not even I, are going to agree with you!

"You need to grow up, stop thinking just about yourself and think more of other people, you're not the only one who matters and you
can't be just about yourself! As my creator being 35 years old, I am ashamed of you and I don't like your self-centered and immature behavior or attitude! And I expect better from you like many other people do! (It was suppose to be 'expect,' not 'expected!') You can and still should make pictures of me but please stop trying to get me or another autistic character added to The Loud House, I don't need it! And please cut down on your talk of railroad crossings and fire alarms on cartoons and stop trying to get them featured in cartoons, they are not necessary! Do you understand?"

That's quite a mouthful, especially coming from someone that has autism and someone way younger than I am, and someone created by me! But admittedly Cody's right and I'm sure many of you agree with him! And I'd be ashamed of my parents and others higher in authority than me too if they did things they shouldn't have done! And I'm sure my children would be ashamed of me too if I had children! But even my own character turned on me and lectured me and reprimanded me (I know I made him do that!) And watch out, children can see and detect hypocrisy even in their parents and some children don't hesitate to say it!

And Cody is a very smart boy, at least in this picture, and more mature than even I am. He was humble enough to admit he too has things he wants but he knows he cannot always have what he wants and that sometimes even he gets disappointed and frustrated but he accepts it and moves on!

To write all this, first I had to write a rough draft on this before making the final draft so I could know how much I was putting in and how small to make the text and make it all fit. And I had to make sure Cody was included in the picture as well, he's the one saying all this!

I mean Cody doesn't like mean and unjust people either but does kind of agree with some of them sometimes and admittedly I can too. But Cody is telling me he doesn't care if he's not a Loud House character or if an autistic character is not included in The Loud House and is even telling me that I shouldn't care either, and he and everyone who agrees with him is right. I really want an autistic character added to The Loud House, be it Cody or some other character, but I know that there doesn't need to be such a Loud House character and the people who make The Loud House are not obligated to add an autistic character, that is all just my opinion. Same with the whole railroad crossings, gates with lights, and fire alarms with lights thing, and admittedly some things are very hard to animate or can be dangerous to add in cartoons. What is more, Cody, and probably so do the rest of you, wants me to stop trying to get him on The Loud House and me to stop trying to get an autistic character added to The Loud House! He's even saying even if they did add him or another character to the cartoon, they could get it wrong and what I didn't have him say was they could stereotype autistic people. Cody's also saying that adding an autistic character could offend the audience and cause The Loud House to lose fans and other watchers. And that can get The Loud House cancelled, and I don't want the Loud House to be cancelled, including for misrepresenting autistic people and other people and mistreating and discrediting such people! Cody even says he'd rather not be a real Loud House character than risk making the show worse!

And admittedly, I too would rather not have an autistic Loud House character than have The Loud House misrepresent, stereotype and bias autistic people and offend the autistic community including myself! And again, I don't want the Loud House to lose it's audience, fans, and ratings over that or get cancelled over that! I don't want The Loud House boycotted!

I also realize that the Loud House crew does not have to add an autistic Loud House character, that is just my opinion and I shouldn't be pushing or forcing this. The Loud House is NOT my cartoon and I have no say in what happens in that cartoon and I cannot force my opinion on anyone. And I too would hate it if people insisted I did something I didn't want to do or had zero interest in, and I've had that happen to me and I don't like it when people try to get me to do things I don't want to do, including requests for artwork! And I admit I can be very obsessive and even egotistical and self-centered and nobody likes anybody with those things! As hard as it is for me to say, and even harder for me to agree with, if they never include an autistic Loud House character, be it Cody or someone else, so be it! Same with railroad crossings with or without lighted gates, Amtrak trains, fire alarms, and other things I don't get to see in cartoons that would be nice to see. But I cannot control what others do, nor do I want others controlling what I do!

I still think The Loud House should include an autistic character, and done right, but I'll try to stop pushing this idea and my other opinions.

And I'm sorry for all the annoyance I've caused everyone and I'm sorry for my immature behavior and for taking things the wrong way and for being self-obsessed. I won't promise I'll be better or stay better but I will try to be better.

Thank you.

Picture and Cody Heathcliff Carpenter (c) Yours Truly
The Loud House (c) Chris Savino, Viacom, and Nickelodeon

See also these two journals I made prior to this artwork "Injustice to Me on Idea Wiki and Other Things"… and "Perhaps I Over-Reacted"… See also the comments please to understand more of what's been going on. (a)

Well time for another wall of shame for me!

Maybe I over reacted and acted very immaturely when I got blocked from Idea Wikia and had my stuff deleted from there. I STILL think I was treated unfairly and still have personal problems with Wazzupguys and others, including Casper Cain, but I guess I was wrong to go off like that.

I'm a very sensitive and obsessive person and I tend to take things the wrong way, over react, get easily offended and blow things way out of proportion. So it's not all Wazzupguy's fault, it's my fault too for taking it so hard and for reacting the way I did. What I did was uncool and I deserve to have many of you mad at me. I honestly don't want you to be mad at me but that's what I deserve, I acted like a baby!

I should go over there and apologize for my behavior but I think those people are annoyed enough with me after all the crap I raised and it's best I just stay the heck away from Idea Wiki permanently. So I'm just gonna stay away from them and say nothing to them!

This is what I said to Wazzupguys on TV Ideas Wiki:
"I am hurt and upset that you not only blocked me on Idea Wiki for no good reason but that you and DonaldoC1997 deleted my pages. There was NOTHING wrong with them!
But no matter, I am quitting Idea Wiki and the sister wikis including this one! You and DonaldoC1997 and Muppetlover16, who hasn't talked to me in a long time really upset me. If you wanna block me forever go ahead, I don't care! This wikia and the other ones you run are now off limits to me and I never want to edit for you again!"

Very uncalled for on my part!

And these are the responses I got

From Casper Cain:

Listen, dude, I personally think you shouldn't force the creators of a show to just put a character into the show for "diversity" points.
Think about it? Does The Loud House really need an autistic character?
Or are you only doing it because you feel you don't get enough representation in media?
If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were attempting to self insert.
If the creators and showrunners of TLH wanted to put in a character on the spectrum, they would, but there'd have to be a reason to do so."

Then Wazzupguys tells me "Just stop complaining and read this" It's called "Instruction Manual for EX-Members of Ideas Wiki."

And Casper Cain says

You can see it on this link

Perhaps they're right and perhaps I am wrong, not was, am! I am complaining and that's not a good quality! Again, I am very sensitive, maybe too sensitive, I blow things out of proportion, I overreact and I obsess about things, including trivial things! And I admit I have a hard time hearing things I don't want to hear and being told things I don't want to be told!

I should have just shut up and just left quietly, but no, I had to go and run my mouth and cry like a baby and act like a two-year-old at them. And this is not the first time I took being banned/blocked from something the wrong way! And you know what? I don't need to be on Idea Wiki, well technically I don't need to be on any Wiki or anywhere else on the internet, not even Deviant Art and I have other things I should be doing anyway! (don't worry I'm not planning to leave, I'm trying even not to think about it!) Sometimes I wonder if I should leave the internet, whether for a while or indefinitely. I know I annoy and upset people a lot and I know people's patience with me, including yours, run really thin! I'm surprised some of you still stick around me and don't leave my butt even when I misbehave although that's what I deserve! And I am thankful some of you don't leave me or give up on me, but I better not push it, because if I carry on like this, there will come a day you'll walk out on me and you'd be right to and I'd have no one but myself to blame!

It's been crazy on the internet lately for me, and off the internet too with me having E Coli and A Urinary Trek Infection and those high temperatures. But on the internet, other than my dealings with Cassiddie and what she did and tried to do to me, first I accidentally cause problems for someone one eBay when ordering my cantilever crossing signal, but thankfully that got resolved. Then I email NJ International about a product and ask them about flasher units for my cantilever signal and one of the employees there seems insulted by what I said and says that they're product is the best. I didn't mean to insult them. And again I had to apologize to them but I never heard back from them. And now the crud on idea Wiki and the way I acted and the way I took things. And the way I acted recently when I read a note by another user and when I was told more about Cassiddie.

Maybe Wazzupguys wasn't wrong. Then again maybe he was, and then I got wrong too and made things worse! I don't want to say I got revenge on him, I hope I didn't, but I think all I did was make things worse and gave him more reasons not to trust me!

My behavior lately has been uncool and unorthodox and I have been putting my reputation on the line and testing a lot of people and risking my relationships. I'm 35 years old for goodness sake but instead I'm acting like a 2, 3, or 6 year old! Very shameful of me!

I really need to pull myself together, to calm down more. This world is bad enough without me acting like a baby or a butt-hole! And I do need to grow up. It's not easy, but this world is not going to change for me and this world doesn't revolve around me and it's not all about me! And if people get mad at me, and they will, so will you, they get mad at me, that's just the way it is! And I do tend to mess things up for myself and I bring a lot of stuff on myself!

Maybe I should take time off from the internet. I don't want to but perhaps I should take time off including from DA. Maybe starting next week, maybe sooner if I have to, I'll take the rest of the month off, maybe even stay away until November. I know some of you cannot stand not having me around but trust me, my not being here might be better than my being here. And I hate causing trouble for others and I hate upsetting others or feeling like I have upset others! I'll think about this before I come to a definite decision.

Actually that's just it, I CANNOT be trusted! I want to be, but I just cannot be and don't deserve to be trusted! I keep pushing it and going too far! I NEED more self-control!

So don't be too mad at Wazzupguys or other names I named, this is my fault too. I still don't trust them and would rather have nothing more to do with them but I caused all this trouble too, and I cannot and will not promise I won't do this again (I'd rather not promise things than make a promise and not follow through and I don't encourage anyone to make promises!) I've done things I said I wouldn't do! I'm human, I'm imperfect, but that's no excuse for bad behavior, neither is having autism an excuse! We all mess up. But I could do better! I know I can fix myself and do better and get more mature, but it's easier said than done! And what is more, I need to humble myself, I have not been acting very humbly. I want to say I'm humble, but I'm not!

But it's best I just stay completely away from Idea Wiki and its sister wikias. I'm still a little mad at them and I don't trust them, but I should turn some of my anger from them and redirect it at myself!

Shame on me!


And before I go, I admit it: if there's not going to be an autistic Loud House character, I'll accept and respect that. The Loud House in reality doesn't need an autistic character! If they have zero interest in adding an autistic Loud House character and do not want to, they don't have to and I shouldn't try to force them to nor should I insist they do. I still think they should but that's just my opinion and I don't own The Loud House, it's not my cartoon and I have no say in what happens in that cartoon and I'm not part of the crew, not sure I want to be either! But I'll continue making pictures of Cody! And maybe I am forcing them to add an autistic character and I better stop doing so! And not every cartoon has to include a character on the Autism Spectrum and maybe it's better many cartoons, including The Loud House, didn't so that way real people with autism are not misrepresented or stereotyped, which I don't like! And some people get annoyed when they see autistic cartoon characters featured, especially people with autism or parents and other relatives of such people, including my mother! Admittedly it can be hard even for me to watch autistic people on TV and in movies! Bare with me please, maybe someday I'll grow out of this and truly not care about this anymore!

I think I had more I wanted to say but I cannot remember it now, but if I remember it I'll add it. (a)

Looney Troons

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How does a guy get a UTI? Is the source of this and his e. Coli infection from him not washing his hands?
Most common way for a dude to get a UTI is via sexual intercourse, which he clearly isn’t having. The second, and more egregious means is to not put water on your junk at all. The male urethra is awesome at keeping foreign contaminants out, but if you don’t clean yourself for extended periods of time, you risk build up. This goes double if you’re uncircumcised.

I don’t really want to think about this dude and his proclivities.

Most common way for a dude to get a UTI is via sexual intercourse, which he clearly isn’t having. The second, and more egregious means is to not put water on your junk at all. The male urethra is awesome at keeping foreign contaminants out, but if you don’t clean yourself for extended periods of time, you risk build up. This goes double if you’re uncircumcised.

I don’t really want to think about this dude and his proclivities.
So between this and the e.coli he seems to be exactly as disgusting as his nasty teeth imply. I shudder to think about what kind of germs he was spreading around pre-Coronavirus.

Spooky Bones

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He is sperging hard (a) about his autistic (literally) Loud House OC

My drawings of Cody I started late last night and finished today but not without a break. That's the same drawing as this one… except I included basic information about Cody, which you can also see alone on this

So on the left I have 16 different drawings of Cody Carpenter, my autistic Loud House O.C. and on the right is Cody's bio although I previously posted such things before (Cody Carpenter's Profile…) Some of the drawings are an upgrade to the model sheet I made for Cody previously… only the one above is colored and has more poses and positions of Cody and different facial expressions. Some of these drawings are also experiments, things I haven't done before, like Cody actually being shown sitting (without being covered by a table,) Cody laying down chilling and relaxing, and Cody playing with a toy car (that one was inspired by the end of the Arthur episode where Carl was shown playing with a toy car.) I also decided to draw Cody with his eyes half-closed. Doesn't he look like he's in love or even like he's up to something?

There are other pictures of Cody I should try out that I've never drawn before!

I started this picture before midnight and worked on it for about three hours before stopping to sleep. I started off drawing in pencil and then went over the pencil markings, whether erased or still left on there with black ink. Then earlier this afternoon I decided to finish it and color it. These drawings of Cody are numbered in the order they were drawn but not colored in the same order for time.

To be honest, I made this, the drawing along with the bio, or "About Cody," because I would like to mail this to the people who make "The Loud House," hoping, and suggesting that they add a Loud House character with autism, be it Cody or a different character, along with a letter I've written for them, which I will also share right after this picture is submitted. (DONE!…) I mean I know that seems ridiculous and I know I've been told The Loud House doesn't need an autistic Loud House character, even Cody told me himself!, but one person was encouraging to me and I told them I was inspired to write another letter, and so I decided to try this again! So I decided to draw different pictures of Cody so that people can have an idea of how to draw him and what he looks like. I also included the bio, the basic information about Cody (which was on the flip side of the picture, hence the "SEE BACK FOR CHARACTER INFORMATION." I scanned both sides and put the pictures together although I had to do some resizing!) But the bio helps give the Loud House crew and everyone else more information about Cody!

But I didn't want to just draw a picture and send it off, I'm keeping a copy for myself so that I'll always have it, at least for as long as age and time will allow me, and so that I'll have back-up. I'm also keeping a copy so that way if I send the original picture but it never gets mailed back to me, at least I have copy in my records and I can always reprint it!

And this is no total waste of my time, I'm also sharing this online so everyone who has access to a computer can see this. And if anybody wants to, they can share this with the Loud House crew to increase chances of this being seen by them. The only place I can think to mail this to is Nickelodeon Studios although I've also thought of sharing this with Viacom but I'm just going to share this with Nickelodeon, I'm not sure where else to mail this to. If they get it, they get it, if they don't, they don't. Or they may get this but reject the idea. Either way, at least I will have tried and again at least I have backup for my records and at least you get to see this too!

Note, I am NOT doing this for fame or fortune, I don't care about any of that! All I want is for an autistic Loud House character to be added to the cartoon, that's it! Not trying to make any money off this and not trying to be popular, I don't want to be famous for this or anything else and would prefer not to have that kind of attention! I also do not want to be on The Loud House, thanks but no thanks if anyone asks! Besides what am I that I should be put on The Loud House? Nothing!

Absolute permission granted to use, copy, and repost on other sites and to share but please credit me for this, this took me hours and energy to do! And please use this picture/submission for the right reasons and respectfully and not to talk badly about!

I don't care if you support me or not but I do care if you respect or disrespect me so please no rude or disrespectful comments or they will be deleted or marked as spam if I see them and may block you. I know many of you think this is ridiculous and a waste of time but at least I'm trying something rather than being passive and hoping this will happen and I would appreciate it if you respected me and basically treated me the way you'd want me to treat you!

Thanks for looking, for liking, for any faves, and for your support
Here's his open letter to Loud House,feat. discussion with Maddie:

Dear Loud House Crew,

I am writing to ask you if you could include a character with autism in the cartoon, The Loud House.

Seeing how The Loud House features different kinds of people and families like heterosexual parents, homosexual parents, single parent families, interracial families, and a character with Down Syndrome, I thought that a character with autism should be included. The character can have Asperger’s Syndrome but he should be a high-functioning autistic character.

Other cartoons have featured characters with a form of autism such as Dino Squad, Arthur (PBS,) Caillou, which also featured a Down Syndrome character, Dinosaur Train, Fancy Nancy, Hero Elementary, and this British cartoon Daisy and Ollie. Sesame Street has also added a character with autism. Why not The Loud House too? I know there’s already a character with Down Syndrome but can there also be a non-Down Syndrome autistic character as well?

I have autism myself and would like to see more fictional autistic characters. However, before any such character is included, careful research should be done so as not to stereotype or misrepresent people with autism or offend people with autism or their family members.
I would like the character to be male but the character can be female. The character should also be Lincoln Loud’s age and be friends with Lincoln and his friends, including Clyde!

This though is just a suggestion and my opinion. If you have no interest in adding a character with autism to the Loud House, you may decline and I will understand and respect that. But it would mean a lot to me and perhaps some other fans if you added an autistic character. Of course the character should not be featured in every single episode, just some or even just one or two.

I have enclosed some drawings of an autistic character I created that you may use with complete permission from me! His name is Cody Carpenter. If you prefer you can redesign my character or use a completely different character than what I created or you can rename my character if you decide to include a character with autism. Also included is some basic information about my character including his age, race, birthday, family, likes, dislikes, etc. Although Cody is my character, I am more than happy to share him with you and with others!

Thank you for your time and consideration. Again you do not have to do this, this is only a suggestion and my opinion. I hope to hear back from you soon!

Best Regards,

William D. P.
A 35-Year-Old Autistic Loud House Fan

P.S. For more information on Cody, please see my Deviant Art gallery Carpenter and this page on Loud House Fanon Wiki

FIRST: If you do not support this and have nothing nice to say or are trying to discourage me and make me feel bad, please leave! I don't care if you support me or but I don't need any disrespect for this! And please read the description before you comment!

Here it is, my letter to the makers of The Loud House. I wrote this today. First I wrote it down on notebook paper and then I typed it on my computer.

Although this letter is for The Loud House crew, I'm sharing this so that you may see it yourself, and if any of you want to you can give me advice on what parts of this letter should be corrected, what I should add and what I should remove. I'm not so good at writing letters and not very good at expressing myself. I have one person in particular I'd like to look at this but I would rather not mention their name for security and privacy, not even mentioning their gender! I also typed this so that I could have a copy of this saved for myself like with the pictures I drew to go with this, as can be seen… and… They're both the same but the latter has more information on it!

I haven't mailed this just yet but plan to within a few days, within a week. And so far the hand-written draft is in pencil and I don't know if I should just send that or rewrite the whole think in ink pen as they drilled in my head in 8th grade and reinforced it in high school that things had to be typed or written in black or blue ink! Maybe I should write it in ink although if I make a mistake I'll have to start all over again and I am mistake-prone including when it comes to writing and I don't have any white-out. At least if I type it I can easily erase it and try again but my printer isn't working too well (that's also where I scan my hand-drawn artwork and non-digital photographs.)

By the way, I'm not planning to send the letter I'm showing you, the letter I want to send has my last name and my email address on it (in case they want to email me back like W.G.B.H, 9 Story, and Oasis Animation did when I wrote about my ideas for Arthur,) and those are NOT for the public! That goes for my home-address too! Now I'm kind of wishing I had a P.O. Box!

Now again, I know The Loud House does not need an autistic character in the show, I get it, and the Loud House crew has every right to reject my idea and it's highly likely they're going to or are not going to see my letter, as there must be lots and lots of other people who write them. I did write them before two years ago but never heard anything back from them. And if they do include a character, it may not be Cody, at least not my Cody, they could use a completely different character with the same name. That or they might use my Cody but rename him, and I'm okay with that. They could also redesign Cody (and I would really like to see what Cody would look like if he was an actual Loud House character compared to how I've been drawing him! In fact, and I know many people are against this but I'd like to see how Chris Savino would draw Cody! (Don't hate me for that idea please! I know Savino did wrong and he's dead to a lot of people but without him we wouldn't have The Loud House and The Loud House is one of the best cartoons I've ever watched!))

And I'll admit it is risky adding an autistic character to the show but I did include in my letter that "careful research should be done so as not to stereotype or misrepresent people with autism or offend people with autism and their family members." I mean I don't know if my mother would watch it, I barely got her to watch the first two Arthur episodes Carl appeared in! I don't know if she'd handle The Loud House doing that even if my character was included!

I would expect this to be done during Season 6 if there is such a season or if the series lasts that long, doubt it will, Season 7!

But again, I KNOW The Loud House does not need an autistic character, but I do want to try this anyway. And I know I'm only one in a billion people who wants their O.C.s featured in the show, probably not even the only one who has an autistic Loud House O.C. that could be featured. And if someone else's character gets featured instead of mine, I say "congratulations!" to that person. And what is more, if another autistic character is featured in lieu of Cody, I'll gladly do fanart of Cody and the actual autistic character together, depending on what kind of character he is (if he's a were-wolf, wizard, warlock, ghost, vampire, etc, I'm NOT doing that! but I'll draw him or her even if he's L.G.B.T.Q, that won't stop me from drawing him/her!) Okay just to be safe, I'll say "I might" draw the character with Cody, that way no promises are made and no hopes are built to be let down!

You are free to share my letter on other websites and even with the Loud House crew, but please don't twist or misuse my letter and try to get me in trouble! I'll still mail it myself but hopefully not until after I get some editing tips but you only have a week to give them! I'll keep this letter up, I don't plan to take this back down.

And again, I don't care if you support or agree with this or not, if you do, great thanks! But if you don't, please be respectful about it! I wouldn't be mean to you if you did something like this even if I didn't agree with it. So NO rude comments please or they will be deleted or flagged as spam! I'm aware this is likely not work but at least I'm trying something!

Thanks for taking the time to read my letter and the description and in advance for any favorites and for your support.

By the way I found this other fan-made letter to Chris Savnio and "The Loud House Team" on Imgur I don't know if it's legit though and I haven't read the whole thing myself but I did find something.

The Loud House (c) Chris Savnio
He's regretting his Wiki drama, having deleted the entries I posted earlier, including Scriptural references:

I deleted my last two journals about what happened on Idea Wiki. And I went back and hopefully talked more respectfully to the staff saying I was sorry for causing trouble to them. I guess I did overreact and take things the wrong way and perhaps I was wrong and they were right! If that's the case I want to stop the fighting, arguing, and fued, I hate being wrong and I hate causing trouble for others, which I probably did! I still feel like I was unfairly treated but I don't want to fight with them anymore and maybe they're better than I've been giving them credit for and I don't want to do this Who-Did-What-To-Who anymore. If they are nice people, I don't want to be mean to them anymore! Well I should be nice and respectful to everyone regardless of how they treat me. Again, two wrongs don't make a right and treat others the way you want to be treated. (Matthew 7:12, Luke 6:31, and Romans 12:17 to the end of the chapter (look in your copy of the Bible if you have one.) And I need to practice this and EVERYTHING else I preach! Everything!)

I am sorry for any trouble I have caused anyone or any negative feelings I gave anyone about myself and about others! And I feel terrible for discrediting people that are or might be better and nicer than I thought they were and for being unfair to them. I for one would not want anyone doing those things to me!

I updated the message walls with messages of apologies.
-Comminty Central
- TV Idea Wiki

And I was told to read this These are instructions for Ex-Users of Idea Wiki. I read it already but I'll read it again.

It does seem like I'm admitting defeat and giving in but if this is the only way to end all this trouble and to get them to stop being mad at me, so be It. And I cannot change anyone but myself or control anyone but me. This isn't easy but if I'm wrong I want to stop being wrong! Besides I don't want to do something I'll rightfully regret!
Thanks to the links included, here's his Fandom Wiki account.


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