Windows 10 is rumored to be getting a major redesign. Don't screw this up, Microsoft!

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Dec 9, 2021
I wish they would add the sound control panel option back to the sound icon's right-click menu. I don't know why they removed that all it has done is inconvenience me. How did making me have to go through five other menus make things better? Seriously how is that an improvement?

Windows 10 was tolerable when it first came out, it was better than 8, .but over the years they've made it a lot worse and less intuitive. I wish I could install 7 but I have so much stuff on my PC now I don't feel it's worth it just for the few stupid changes they've made.

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Jan 30, 2021
I hate to say it but at this point more & more normies should be introduce to a basic bitch linux distro like manjaro or something "ubuntu dick is there for mac fags". I say this with numerous reason, first this redesign is just people trying to justify their job existing, secondly I've never known of any operating system that straight up deletes peoples files thanks to an update. There's also the fact the NSA ass blasted a vulnerability in windows that I guarantee wouldn't have been fixed if the NSA didn't ass blast it. No I don't think the NSA cared, I think it's because another country discovered & and the NSA threw a toddler tantrum that if they couldn't have all the toys then nobody could have them. Most people using computers in the consumer desktop space are doing what besides web browsing & shit? My dad does exactly that. My mother barely uses the computer but if she does it's the same. College kids are writing papers, libre office can work if not google docs. There is absolutely zero reason for a redesign at this point & it's most likely they will critically fuck something up once they do it. Also windows 11 is just as gay because apparently you can't even change your fucking sound outputs without buying their gay ass license.

(I expect autism ratings & other stuff cause this is an autistic rant)

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Apr 14, 2022
because microsoft aren't like the nintendo of pc they totally don't fuck up everything they do

In the mean time I'll continue being happy on Ubuntu with my wobbly windows and 3D effects.
yep have fun with ass driver support for wifi audio and other shit and even shitter driver support if you use a nvidia gpu or a AMD cpu
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Mar 19, 2022
I'm tired of these stupid updates. Since I bought my laptop I get updates every fucking week and is annoying as fuck!

The average normie like me don't care about redesigns and shit, we use the computer to work not have soy faces while Cumming over the new patch on the dll of system 32, that makes the user not say the word faggot or some shit.

Worst part is that every fucking update makes the system more bloated and less responsive.

Is Microsoft taking notes from Bethesda?

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Dec 7, 2020
i meant in a more ontological sense
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