WingsofRedemption / Jordie Jordan - Morbidly Obese E-Begging Suicide-Baiting Vidya Streamer. Trolled by people somehow more pathetic.

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How long will Wing's marriage last?

  • > 6 months

    Votes: 74 37.4%
  • A year

    Votes: 68 34.3%
  • Until death do they part

    Votes: 56 28.3%

  • Total voters


Bugged life mechanics!
It actually astounds me how sad this man's life is. He has absolutely no self-awareness whatsoever, literally crying in public over losing a video game. Would this not motivate you to get an actual fucking job with a steady income?
Oh, were detractors helping him in finding a job or were calling companies he was applying and tell slanders about him? How would you play this out if Twitch is your main income and you are hampered from seeking any other job due to detractors coming after you?

I guess he could ask Google for removing his name from search engine but that would be meaningless because Streisand Effect.

Gaear Grimsrud
Does anybody remember when Boogie2988 called Wings on stream?

I think it might have been the same stream where Wings went into the "lion's den", and accused Boogie of probably cheating on his diet.

I think Boogie has a bunch of tattletales who inform him when other streamers are talking about him, cause I've seen him show up on other peoples streams not long after he's mentioned.

Wings and Boogie had a friendly conversation, but Boogie kept running his motor mouth, and Wings was visibly fatigued by it, and you could tell he wanted this conversation to end.

This doesn't seem to be on YouTube.

Mother puss bucket

OC Do not steal
Wings's trolls are exactly like the title of this thread implies. They're more pathetic than him. Even reading them in youtube comments, it's ridiculous the shit they do and say. I don't even want to set foot into the unfiltered autism that a WoR troll discord must be.

It's a cliche generalization that gets tossed around a lot, but I truly do think his trolls are literally children. I legit think some of them want to go to his house and kill his dogs or something just for the lulz. I'm a big fan of the online trolling but not a fan of poking cows IRL, and the shit they try to organize is uninspired, dangerous, and most importantly not funny.

Trolling is always the playground of teenagers. Adults have better things to do than watch 10 hours of some fat fuck play CoD each day and say dumb stuff in his chat. Young kids with bad parenting are especially spiteful and Wings has attracted those kids more than any other in his trolling community. Maybe because he cries like a bitch and they see blood in the water, when most gaming cows don't have break downs the same way.

What interests me is the amount of troll compilation channels popping up now. Every cow has a group of channels making highlight reels and trying to get rich off of editing up these videos. How many of the edgy kids are youtubers wanting to get featured on the channel so they act as obnoxious as possible in hopes of being noticed? Like calling into the local kids show on a Saturday morning but for the youtube generation? The cruel children would think it's funny to kill Wing's dog and get efamous for it. We saw the same mentality from Blue Spike with Chris where a young, dumb kid in a group of trolls wants to impress his peers and will go to any length to do that. It's a weird sort of grooming where young trolls are molded into pure destructive autism by older trolls trying to draw blood from a stone. Are we going to see these trolling communities continue to escalate until a cow has his throat slit on tiktok or a troll gets shot by a cow in self defense? It's similar to Stu from Scream, he was a fucked up kid thinking they could murder people to become cool and famous. It's only going to take a Billy to appear, do a bit of grooming on a Stu living near by and things will get dark real fast. The majority of people involved just want to fuck with people and get a kick out of it, but that's the same environment which attracts the psychos who like to fuck with people and have no boundaries. Find the right would be school shooter and send him to a cow's house instead of a library and there's your epic gamer moment. If there was a pool on which cow's troll community was most likely to go postal I would be betting on wings. He has that special brand is evil young teenager no one else attracts quite the same way.


What could this be?
Well would you look at that, after all these years Richie may have a final squirt of tism juice for us all.
I dont know what Kelly expected marrying him but she found out real fast that he is not a people person.

the khat quaffer

Can't wait for the divorce saga.
Ninja'd by a few hours, that's what I get for prioritizing work.

Oh, wings. I love me a good bit of drama, but I rather not see you go through this. I mean, deep down I had a feeling it wouldn't work out with ol' smelly kelly. Not an ounce of magic in the air nor a whole lot of fruit in those looms.

Extreme Aneurysm

A sharp pain in my frontal lobe
Wings is coping and seething like a CUCK.
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iced out
True & Honest Fan
Lol, this is the funniest wings khantent I've seen in a long time. Big ups to all the discord degenerates who made this happen. I was always mildly optimistic when Kelly joined the game but I didn't imagine the emotional turmoil going this far. Guess this is what you get for socializing with your jannies who Richards sees as disposable pawns. Getting another PKA roast out of this is the cherry on top of the wedding-autism cake.

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