WingsofRedemption / Jordie Jordan - Morbidly Obese E-Begging Suicide-Baiting Vidya Streamer. Trolled by people somehow more pathetic.


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Let me tell you the potential of my balls.
Is that not normal? I mean I know it's pretty dickish, but I was unaware that it was a dickishness unique to Wings, I thought plenty of Twitch Twats did so.
It's normal for Wings while playing CoD because he obviously hates it, gets stream sniped repeatedly, etc... The begging is a weird tongue-in-cheek because everyone knows Wings is playing it to get trolled and more pity donations.

This RTU tard fight, whatever. I wouldn't doubt if they're in cahoots for views. Masucci's been pretty desperate of late, as well.


Let me tell you the potential of my balls.
He's starting to go back to his old days from 2016 - 2017: throwing controllers, being toxic and yelling at his team now more than ever, e-begging hard
Yep. Just when I start changing my mind on Richard and think he's becoming less of an e-begging asshole, he has to revert back to his old ways. Like clockwork with this fat boy.

Getting married my ass.

Even if he does, it'll be even more sad than DSP's "marriage"

He's one of those southern, white trash pride who gets pity donations from the Internet with no useful skills whatsoever and who still has his hand held by his mommy in his early 30's

I could go on much longer about him but it's not worth it, short version: he lied about dumb things in the past and he keeps lying to his viewers because he's insecure as fuck.

Don't know what that bus office shit is about, last time I knew, his mom worked as a bus driver and Richard talked about in the past about wanting to just quit streaming and get a job as a bus driver (prob because mommy can get him in lol), but I dunno if it's related


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DSP's lies are funny because he's a stupid narcissist, Richard's are more sad. Especially lately because he's obviously coping due to loneliness and getting super 400+ lb fat again. I really don't like the current living alone crazy cat guy saga.
I get that he hasn't been living with anyone else inside the modular home, but isn't he always out and about doing shit with other people? He's always ending streams because he says he's having people over or helping someone move or fixing someone's truck. Unless those are lies too

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I love Wings. Never a dull moment with this dude. My favorite casual cow by far. Stop reading into him for a week or two, suddenly you find out he’s allegedly getting married. Incredible.

I was watching a few of his streams, and the dude is definitely becoming more and more unhinged. We’re back into the comforting and familiar territory of slamming and throwing controllers. I sure hope he doesn’t accidentally lob one at it hits one of his cats.

Had a thought about something... on his streams, he used to make it a big point to talk about his Lexapro intake, and went so far as to shake his little bottle and pop a tardpill on camera. I haven’t seen that in months. He hasn’t mentioned Lexapro in months. His grandmother was on an array of medication and being as elderly as she is, she is probably cool with a few of the doctors and pharmacists in Rednecklandia. With her being gone for some time, Richard claiming to not have any source of insurance and therefore unrealistic to visit a doctor, has his supply of happy pills run out? You can go see the “doctors” inside of the clinics in Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens and they are licensed to give small, non-refillable samples of medications, including SSRIs (Lexapro). Has Wings been off his rocker for the past few months?

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