Winnie the Pooh Voice Actor Accused of Sexual Assault, Animal Abuse -


Actually Patty Hearst/Fake Jan Brady
You do realize you are accusing somebody of being a "whore" based solely on the news article? Yes, #MeToo as a whole has been utterly ruined by liars, but you don't even know the full details. And then people wonder why women are afraid to speak up after being raped.
My mistake. Let me rephrase that with a name from my infamous kidnapping video. "Fascist Pig" wife.

Interesting that this is coming out right when the Hundred Acre Wood burned.

Fat Tub of Lard
For the record, many of these MeToo attacks seem to have some ulterior motive attatched.

  • Weinstein was well known in the industry for his power and influence, both in politics and in the film industry, but by the time he was exposed, his push for Hilary backfired horribly and his studio was losing prestige and money thanks to bomb after bomb. He just wasn't useful anymore.
  • Les Moonves was the head of CBS, who turned the network from a dying business to a dominant force in prime time TV, doing so both on his own and as part of Viacom. But when Shari Redstone (daughter of Viacom and CBS owner Sumner Redstone) wanted a remerger with Viacom, he said no, and even tried to sue her. A few months later, Ronan Farrow (the same reported who ratted on Weinstein) came out with an article calling Moonves a sex pest, and he was shown the door shortly afterwards. The latest scuttlebutt since then is that merger talks with Viacom are officially back on the table.
  • Vic Mignogna, as we all know, was targeted by ANN and MarzGurl, both fading SJW stars desperate for attention. Similarly, certain VAs like Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi won victim points for joining in on the accusation.
  • And of course, Mr. Jim Cummings is in the middle of a heated dispute with his ex, who wants his shit.


Actually Patty Hearst/Fake Jan Brady
This is what the Ohnotheydidnt user says

"i moved away when i was nine, but i remember him always having a HORRIBLE temper"

Doesn't really account for much but maybe he has anger issues?

Nicky Rackets mentioned that allegations like this are immune to defamation lawsuits due to being made in a court document. But if its found that her or her lawyers leaked these documents she or her lawyers could be on the hook for it.

So there are police reports huh? Definitely makes it more believable. I want to wonder if Blast will bother to even look into them. Even if they do they will probably only report on them if theres something thats juicy.


Sorry, I'm Hulk Hogan with noodles for Halloween
It’s smart to not just believe shit without evidence, but a lot of you seem awful quick to jump on the “she (and by extension all women) is a lying whore” train without any evidence of that either
I see where you're coming from (and have yet to give a real opinion here on Cummings that isn't just me shitposting) @Ruin is right though, I don't believe women for shit now unless they can provide proof. It isn't even just Kavanaugh (which was clearly bullshit), I personally know more than one dude who had some bitch make a false claim against them.

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like bullshit sexual harassment and other claims have risen exponentially lately, so now I have a tendency to #DoubtAllWomen unless I see actual proof to the contrary.


(Cheesy 80s music intensifies)
Look even if she's telling the truth, that just makes her a lying whore who just told the truth once.
Not to mention that if Jim really did leave that puppy in the bucket for that long, why the hell didn't the wife do anything about it? Clearly she would have known about it before they took it to the vet if her tale is anything to go by.

Oh, and an update, It seems even the law's getting annoyed by this.

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This is what the Ohnotheydidnt user says

"i moved away when i was nine, but i remember him always having a HORRIBLE temper"

Doesn't really account for much but maybe he has anger issues?
I saw that too. I always hate how ONTD users drop in and give vague details the way that person did but barely say anything further about it.

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